Working from home, staying productive, and empowering employees is top of mind for many. Each week we’ll launch a new episode in our virtual series diving into best practices, lessons learned, and the realities of supporting and enabling a remote workforce.

Week of July 27th
WEBINAR: Preparing for the Unexpected

You can't predict the next crisis but you can be prepared for it. Business leaders need to prepare for the unknown with an integrated crisis management policy. Successful leaders need to identify the right combination of policies and technologies to ensure as little disruption as possible while maintaining secure control of corporate resources.

Week of July 20th
WEBINAR: Distributed but Connected: Enabling Today’s Remote Digital Workforce

Modern business and employees need the flexibility and tools to work remotely. The ability to maintain productivity and collaboration whilst working remotely not only requires adequate network access and secure connectivity, but also the right leadership and a positive and empowering employee experience. 

Week of July 13th
WEBINAR: The New Workspace: Defining the New
Digital Worker

Workplace technology, including ‘digitization’ and the digital workspace, has become a major focus within the subject of employee experience. Early adopters have seen increased productivity and engagement from employees who enable their employees with the right digital workspace. Explore how you can empower your employees with a smarter way of working to keep them productive, happy, and engaged.

Week of July 13th
WEBINAR: 6 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In this episode of Remote Works, Jarvis Smith from My Green Pod walks through 6 everyday actions you can take to live a more sustainable life. The discussion includes how remote working is a key factor for change and the true impacts sustainable IT can have. Walk away with actionable insights and a glimpse into how corporations and employees are thinking differently about their environmental impact.

Week of July 6th
WEBINAR: New models of healthcare

Hear from three IT leaders regarding the tactics they undertook in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to adjust application delivery and security approaches to enable frontline workers. The discussion includes a look at new models of service, what this means for the future of healthcare, and the role technology will play in it all.

Week of July 6th
WEBINAR: Five heroic measures IT teams must take to navigate the “Back to Office” phase

Earlier this year, IT teams did a super-human job of rapidly enabling employees to work remotely during the pandemic. The stories were amazing – with some technologists standing up environments in weeks – or even a matter of days. Now, IT leaders realize that “Back-to-Office” isn’t “remote work in reverse.” IT departments have to consider more than just how to support remote and office workers at the same time.

Week of July 6th
WEBINAR: Optimizing Microsoft Teams with Citrix

Citrix has partnered with Microsoft to deliver Microsoft Teams optimized for virtual workloads. Admins now have the benefits of centralized management, and can deliver a native-like Microsoft Teams experience for their end-users -- regardless device or location.

Week of June 29th
PODCAST: The Future of Remote Work

Let’s be honest:  adapting to this sudden shift to remote work has been a big challenge.  But one thing is for sure, remote work is here to stay. People are now dividing their time between office and home, or going fully remote. Where do we go from here? In this episode, three experts will guide you into the future of work.

Explore how Citrix technologies work together to enable secure remote work.