Quartz Insights x Citrix: Supporting the workforce through tech

Digital wellness is defined as an “intentional and healthy relationship with workplace tech.” New research from Citrix and Quartz Insights shows that a company’s approach to fostering this positive connection is critical.

REPORT | 2m read
June 30, 2020


Our current state of affairs begs the question: How do we leverage workplace technology to empower us rather than overwhelm us?

Citrix partnered with Quartz Insights to conduct and analyze research about technology’s role in the modern workplace experience from a distinctly employee point of view. Together, we uncovered sentiments about tech’s role in supporting an engaged workplace, specifically through a new way of thinking: digital wellness.

These insights are especially salient in light of more distributed workforces and new expectations of employers to institute policies supporting healthy work. This report also offers leaders insights into workers’ expectations of their tech, as well as guidance on building a happier workforce.
The resulting outcomes uncover:

  • The reasons engaged leaders are critical for digital wellness
  • How company decision-makers can leverage technology for employee success
  • How today’s tech investments affect business long-term

Combining Citrix’s expertise on designing technology that empowers employees with Quartz’s understanding of the changing demands of a modern workforce, this research serves as a guide for business leaders on navigating the digital landscape that defines the way we work today.

Our approach

We conducted 21 in-depth interviews across seven international markets and surveyed 1,055 people — all end-users — across demographics including country, industry, seniority, age, gender, and company size.


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