Encourage digital wellness for your employees in a remote world

We are constantly evaluating the health of our organizations and the technologies our employees consume to enable them to complete their best work. We’ve outlined three simple steps you can take to understand digital wellness and what this means for you and your organization.

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June 22, 2020

What is digital wellness and why is it important?

With increasing demands for organizations to become more digitally dependent, now more than ever we need to evaluate the health of the relationship with the technologies we use and how they can help or hinder our productivity. This starts with digital wellness.  How do we promote digital wellness within our organizations?

1. Define digital wellness values for your organization

This might seem obvious but defining this set of values will drive your growth forward. We help break down the concept of digital wellness, also known as digital wellbeing, here:

2. Evaluate digital culture

Evaluate what is hindering you and your organization from achieving optimal digital wellness. Consider tools, technology, and enablement for leadership within your organization. According to a recent Quartz study, respondents said they felt they had to be “always on” and 81% of respondents felt decreasing burnout should be a top priority for employers. A key part of evaluating digital culture means evaluating employee perception.

3. Enable teams to encourage a culture of digital wellness

Execute these principles by communicating that digital wellness is a top priority for your team and establish policies to empower your workforce to stay productive.