The future of work: Digital solutions for any extreme workplace

The need to embrace digital technologies may be obvious on a Formula One racetrack, but the same benefits can be achieved by businesses that don’t travel at over 200 mph.

Today’s Formula One is a technology arms race

The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing cars are outfitted with more than 100 sensors that measure everything from oil pressure and brake temperature to air speed and g-force on the drivers. Citrix virtualization solutions enable the team’s UK-based engineers to monitor telemetry data in almost real time, whether the race is in Austin or Azerbaijan. And the collaboration goes both ways: trackside engineers securely access 3D CAD applications and data hosted at HQ, allowing them to optimize the performance of the car and results on the track.

You wouldn’t say the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team runs traditional applications. The amount of data that they collect, analyze, and act upon in the week-long period of each race is incredible.
Christian Reilly
Citrix Workspace Services

Extreme insights: Lessons learned from a car-racing entrepreneur

Skills honed on the racetrack can transfer to the world of business, and vice versa. Just ask Joshua Schachter, an angel investor who makes a career out of supporting upstart companies such as Etsy and Patreon, and spends his weekends at the racetrack.

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The fast track to business value

In the workspace of the future, apps, data, and workers will no longer be tied to physical locations. Citrix’s Christian Reilly believes any company can benefit from digital transformation if they maintain the proper focus. “If you’re an IT department that isn’t prepared to disrupt yourself to enable your digital transformation strategy, then you’ve got a real problem,” says Reilly. He feels that creating a thriving digital workspace requires asking and answering four fundamental questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I?
  3. What device am I on?
  4. What am I trying to do?

“In the right context and with the right security controls, these four things really help to build out the adapted digital workspace that will power the future of work,” Reilly explains. This is where the breadth of the Citrix portfolio, which covers app delivery, mobility, and network management services, can be a huge advantage.

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