If Secure Mail were to take the form of a person, it’d be a Renaissance man, versatile and rich in its capabilities. Just when you thought the Leonardo da Vinci of mobile email clients couldn’t add any more features, we’ve released Citrix Endpoint Management 19.6.5.

The release delivers more capabilities that improve the user experience while also giving IT greater flexibility and security. With this latest evolution of Citrix Endpoint Management, Secure Mail for Android now supports the following four features:

1) Drag-and-Drop Calendar Events

When it comes to changing meeting times, you want to know how the meeting at hand fits into the puzzle that is your calendar. With the drag and drop feature for Calendar events, you can now change the time of an existing calendar event by dragging and dropping the event to a different time.

In action: To do this, start on Agenda view on the Calendar tab. Drag the event card and drop it to the desired time slot for the same day the meeting occurs. Change the duration by using the pinching action to expand or shrink the event block.

2) Support for Responsive Email

In past versions, email content with large tables or images did not render properly at times. With support for responsive emails, Secure Mail for Android has been optimized to deliver responsive email. Email content with large tables or images will be more readable on all supported devices, regardless of the email format and size.

3) Contact Picture in Secure Mail

When adding recipients to emails or meeting invites, users can now see their corresponding contact pictures. In case of multiple people with the same name, the image helps identifying the correct recipient when you add recipients in emails or meeting invites. 

In action: Add the names of email recipients and find the corresponding contact pictures next to the names.

4) Widget for Calendar Agenda

In Secure Mail for Android, the Calendar agenda is available as a widget. From this widget, users can view the upcoming events in the Calendar for a week. This feature allows you to create a Calendar event, view an existing event, and edit the details.

New Features in MDX Toolkit

Secure Mail is to Leonardo da Vinci as the MDX Toolkit is to Christopher Nolan. Much like the renowned movie director’s output, MDX Toolkit updates are infrequent but you know each release is going to be well worth the wait.

Check out the features in MDX Toolkit 19.6.5:

  • Encryption management for third party apps: You can now use modern device platform security while also ensuring devices remain in a sufficient state to use platform security effectively. A set of security criteria is identified to which a device must adhere to be considered compliant for encryption management. You can then identify non-compliant devices and restrict access to apps on devices that are non-compliant with these criteria. This feature eliminates local data encryption redundancy, enhances performance, and improves application compatibility with MDX. Encryption management for Citrix mobile productivity apps are coming soon.
  • Support for 64-bit apps for Google Play: Beginning August 1, Google Play will require that apps support 64-bit architectures. This version of the MDX Toolkit supports the wrapping of 64-bit versions of apps. To assess if your app is prepared for 64-bit devices and for instructions on building apps with 64-bit libraries, see the Google Developers documentation on Google Play.
  • Updated crypto libraries: The MDX Toolkit 19.6.5 includes updated crypto libraries. These libraries are updated periodically to keep up with the latest security trends and to help fix security vulnerabilities. Older ciphers have also been deprecated. This update improves security because it requires the environment to use the latest and most secure ciphers. Not updating the ciphers may result in an error when users update to apps that you wrap with the MDX Toolkit 19.6.5.
  • Support for Chrome 74 for devices running Android. This release includes micro VPN support on devices running Android that have upgraded to Chrome version 74.
  • Support for Apktool version 2.4. This release includes support for apps using Apktool version 2.4.

For the latest on Secure Mail and other mobile productivity apps, visit the What’s New page. For more information about the latest MDX Toolkit, reference the documentation page.