As organizations move toward hybrid and public cloud services, cloud vendors are managing more and more services. Despite this evolution, the most important thing remains satisfying your end users. It doesn’t matter whether your running traditional VDI or desktop as a service, performance is still key to success, and you have to be proactive in preparing for your cloud journey.

It’s time to focus on what really matters: end-user experience! – Christiaan Brinkhoff

Come See Us at Synergy ‘19

Thomas Poppelgaard and I will talk about end-user experience during our session at Citrix Synergy ’19. We are both Citrix CTPs and Microsoft MVPs on Azure and RDS, and we’ll take you through our journey of achieving the best experience while leveraging hybrid and/or public cloud services with Citrix Workspace products.

Performance is always key for the end user, whether it’s on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud workloads. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the performance you can achieve when you move to the cloud. But you probably have questions. What is the most cost-effective sizing for your virtual machines to get the best performance? Are GPU workloads still relevant? What about WAN optimizers for cloud workloads, such as the HDX Enlightened Data Transport (EDT) protocol and Citrix SD-WAN?

Join our session to learn the fundamentals of hybrid-cloud workloads, gain insights into Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop workloads, and get prepared for your cloud journey.

Wait! There’s More!

Here are some of the other Citrix Cloud, Workspace and hybrid and/or public cloud-focused breakout sessions at Synergy ’19 that we’d recommend. These will help to give you a better understanding of Citrix Workspace. We’ll definitely be at SYN214, which will feature two of the newest CTPs, Dennis Span and David Wilkinson and a veteran CTP, George Spiers.

  • SYN214: Tips and best practices for getting the best from your Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments
  • SYN213: Optimizing VDI and RDS performance and scalability
  • SYN201: Performance insights for apps and desktops
  • SYN212: Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix: New opportunities for desktop and app virtualization
  • SYN111: Desktops-as-a-Service with Citrix
  • SYN105: Citrix on Azure: What you need to know
  • SYN216: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops tech update (May 2019 edition)
  • SYN118: Citrix SD-WAN: What I wish I knew when I started

Find Us at Synergy ‘19

Don’t miss our Citrix Synergy session – SYN210 – on Wednesday, May 22, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. in Building C, Level 1. Reserve your seat here! We’ll also raffle some cool prices in our session, like a scale-model Red Bull F1 race car.

We’ve already embraced the hybrid Cloud, and so should you. Follow us on Twitter at @Brinkhoff_C and @_Poppelgaard, and we’ll see you at Citrix Synergy ‘19!

Christiaan Brinkhoff works as Cloud Architect and Technology Evangelist for the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and FSLogix team within Microsoft (ExtOps) and is the owner of IT Consulting. Christiaan’s primary focus is Public Cloud infrastructures and End-User Computing environments for the larger multinational enterprise customers for the EMEA region. He designs and provide complex migrations, pre-sales, helps customers with the Digital Transformation, advises on Cloud strategies, writes business continuity plans, strategies, and realizes on-premises and cloud-based environments.