I started working with Citrix technologies more than 12 years ago. My career has spanned different companies, roles, and continents. In all my roles, however, I have been technically oriented, and I always needed to learn about new or existing technologies and to search for knowledge about Citrix solutions. Finding the right information at the right time is one of the most critical skills that any technical person can have.

I started at a large enterprise as a Citrix engineer. My primary interest was in support articles at first. But as I focused more on automation, I needed a better understanding of how Citrix products worked under the hood. When I moved to a Citrix partner, integration with third-party products and building complex solutions became my primary focus. Finally, after I joined the Citrix family as a field consultant, I became more interested in validated reference architectures, different design factors, and scalability numbers.

Each of these different personas have unique needs. But what connects them?

Technical content.

Technical people are on a journey — starting with learning about new features, products, and services; finding more in-depth information; designing the environment; and answering the most common design questions all the way through to the actual build of functional, stable, and robust production environments. Google, Citrix blogs, and articles I’ve collected over the years have been some of my best friends.

This is not a unique story — most technical people can relate to this. Over the years, I’ve collected hundreds of different sources that I’ve used as a reference.

Hello World!

What if there were a better way to approach this? What if we created a central resource where we could store all this technical knowledge? What if we curated content that could provide our customers and partners with relevant technical information? And what if we kept it updated and growing?

We decided to create a single place for these technical audiences, where we would publish new content, ensure it stays relevant, and link these articles together to help you find the critical piece of information you’re looking for and make your technical journey much easier.

I’m proud to announce that this resource is available now for Citrix fans.

Welcome to the world, Citrix Tech Zone!

Citrix Tech Zone is a collection of technical content organized into three categories: Learn, Design, and Build. Over time, as more content is available, we want like to start linking these sections together.

Right now, you can find the following content categories on Tech Zone:

  • Tech InsightsShort videos explaining a technology, a feature, or a function, with foundational technical insights and a visual walkthrough of the technology.
  • Tech BriefsShort overview documents explaining a technology, a feature, or a function, along with a technical diagram.
  • Diagrams & PostersConceptual architecture drawings, stencils, templates, and other materials.
  • Design DecisionsDesign Decisions will help you guide through the decision process to configure, optimize, and deploy your solution in the best way.
  • Reference ArchitecturesComprehensive guides that assist organizations in planning their Citrix Workspace implementations complete with use cases, best practices, and more.
  • Tech PapersTechnical deep dives into a specific problem, technology, or solution, providing details, leading practices, and architectural insights.

One of the core concepts behind Citrix Tech Zone is our adoption of Agile development. With the help from Citrix Docs team, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to produce new content or update existing content. While the available content is limited at launch, we are working hard to add new articles. You can expect a lot more in the coming months.

How Can You Help?

We have created Citrix Tech Zone for you, and we hope you are as excited about it as we are. We would really appreciate if you could help us spread the word. Tell your peers, colleagues, and anyone who might be interested in Citrix products. And share on social media!

We are also very interested in your feedback. That’s one reason why we have our About section, which includes instructions on how to report problems with content and to submit ideas for new articles.

Let us know what you think on social media or below in the comments. We are here to listen. And if you like Tech Zone, share it on social media using the #CitrixTechZone hashtag!

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