The New workspace: Defining the new digital worker

The work we do and the way we work has evolved. Todays’ workplace is typified by generational diversity. With that expectations and definitions of work and the workplace now differ. Modern professionals want the flexibility to work where and when they want, as well as needing it, if they are to handle whatever life throws at them. Successful businesses need to evolve; HR and IT must join forces and empower their employees with the right policies and technologies to thrive in today’s environment.

Safi Obeidullah, Field Chief Technology Officer at Citrix will explore how you can empower your employees with a smarter way of working to keep them productive, happy and engaged. He will be joined by a panel of industry experts who will discuss:

  • Why you need a technology-backed, holistic strategy for the new workplace
  • The relationship between effective collaboration tools, employee happiness & the bottom line
  • How consumer tech is influencing how HR and technology need to work together to keep employees engaged

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