Digital wellness

Learn why leaders should prioritize intentional and healthy relationships with workplace tech as the traditional nine-to-five dissolves.


Be Well Series: Wellness Technology

With more companies recognizing that everyone wins when employees are healthy, many are turning to technology to help their workforce stay physically fit and emotionally centered. Hear about the new digital tools that are helping people achieve wellness at work and the changes on the horizon for all organizations who prioritize wellness in the coming year.

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2/3 of workers experience burnout, and these employees are more likely to take sick days and look for new jobs. 

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"Well-being isn’t just good for employees, it’s good for companies."

Donna Kimmel
Chief People Officer

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People are now dividing their time between office and home, or going fully remote. Where do we go from here?

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Learn about extraordinary stories of teams that have made the shift to working remotely.

Remote Works is a virtual series to help you understand and embrace the rapid evolution of flexible work.

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