Reality goes digital

We have seen the future of work, and it is Pokémon Go. How virtual, augmented, and mixed reality will soon be shaping our everyday work reality.

All work and no play? Think again.

Over the past few years, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (the kinds of experiences Pokémon Go was built around) have captured imaginations and sparked trends. Now they’re poised to become mainstays of everyday reality – and to transform our notions of the workplace and work itself.

Working without walls, or even being there at all

These new technologies merge the physical and virtual world, and will allow you to be more productive in places where you’re not physically present. VR headsets like the HTC Vive, augmented reality-capable devices such as the new Apple iPhone, and the mixed reality Microsoft HoloLens all hint at the kinds of experiences that will soon be common in the workplace.

Real productivity power, unreal processing power

Of course, it takes a lot of processing power accessed via the cloud to make it all work. But these new reality technologies also generate a lot of productivity power, enabling people to work in ways they couldn’t imagine before.

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