6 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Jarvis Smith from My Green Pod walks through six everyday actions you can take to live a more sustainable life. Sustainable IT that allows users to work from anywhere on any device is more important than ever, not only for business continuity measures, but also for lowering commuting and energy emissions.

VIDEO | 45m
July 15, 2020

By allowing employees to work remotely from home for just two days per week, an organization’s employee commuting emissions could be reduced by up to 40%. Additionally, companies shifting to sustainable data center practices can reduce emissions related to energy consumption by 100%. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the ability and importance of a flexible work model, and beyond that the importance and impact remote work has on the environment.

Featured voices

Monica Gonzalez is Sustainability Marketing Associate at Citrix

Jarvis Smith is Co-Founder of My Green Pod


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