To enhance engagement, give employees the space to think big by Donna Kimmel

The work of the future is creative, not routine. In a business environment where every day brings its own complexities and opportunities, you want employees to be engaged and ready to adapt to the inevitable change.

What your innovation process should look like

You need disruptive thinking to move the needle on business, so where do you find innovative ideas? You don't. You cultivate them.

Reality goes digital

We have seen the future of work, and it is Pokémon Go. How virtual, augmented, and mixed reality will soon be shaping our everyday work reality.

Future of work: How you unlock innovation anywhere

Citrix Digital Workspaces give your company a flexible and secure platform to connect, collaborate, and innovate – on any application, any device, any cloud, at any time. This is how the future works.

Boosting productivity in the workplace: Q&A with Christian Reilly, CTO, Citrix Workspace Services

Forward-thinking organizations are looking to the simplicity of consumer IT for inspiration and moving their core systems onto the cloud. The result? Empowered employees and greater productivity. Creating a winning cloud strategy

As companies accelerate cloud adoption, challenges like cloud sprawl create more complexity, confusion, and risk. A secure digital workspace allows you to confidently pursue your cloud strategy.

Five steps to align your cloud strategy with business goals

Learn how to get the most from your IT investment.

Remote access guide

In the new world of work, organizations need to be prepared to work in a more dynamic way to meet the needs of a more diverse, fluid workforce.

Security considerations for clouds and cloud services

Is it safe to suggest that cloud computing is now being viewed through its silver lining as a rebirth of security?