Working securely or working remotely?

Companies have to re-think organizational policies to enable a global workforce to work from home. Security policies that forbid activities including taking corporate systems out of the office or extending the enterprise network to personal devices have all been stretched. It’s time to restore balance – and to begin both working remotely and working securely.

VIDEO | 60m
July 6, 2020

Executive summary

  • Balancing employee experience and agility with appropriate work from home usage of highly-regulated data and sensitive intellectual property.
  • Options for enhancing confidentiality, integrity, availability and safety across situations, endpoints, networks, apps – and browsers.
  • Designing for compliance, resiliency, assurance and visibility – while being continuously audit-ready.
  • Incorporating workspace policies to enable the workforce to be continuously situationally aware and contextually risk-appropriate.

Featured voice

Kurt Roemer is Citrix Chief Security Strategist


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