Citrix Secure Private Access (formerly Citrix Secure Workspace Access) competitive pricing plans to help meet your business goals

Go beyond traditional security controls to keep your applications secure and your hybrid workforce productive with Citrix Secure Private Access. Try our pricing calculator to estimate the monthly cost to protect your users and data.

Choose the plan that’s right for your business

Whatever your needs are, our pricing options have you covered.

Citrix Secure Private Access Standard

$3 USD
*Per user, per month

Includes SSO to SaaS and web applications with multi-factor authentication, helping to reduce the odds of account compromise by 99.9%.

Citrix Secure Private Access Advanced

$7 USD
*Per user, per month

Intelligently apply watermarking, clipboard access, download restrictions, site navigation controls, and more with adaptive access based on user location, device posture, and risk scores. Includes advanced multi-factor authentication natively with Citrix cloud for all non-virtual applications, as well as ZTNA access to TCP and UDP-based apps.