CloudPlatform powered by Aaache CloudStack

Application-centric cloud orchestration for any workload

Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, is a unified cloud management platform that combines the best cloud foundation for private enterprise workloads with the Amazon-style scale, elasticity and operational efficiency of cloud workloads.  This solution provides:

  • The industry’s only future-proofed, application-centric cloud solution proven to reliably and efficiently orchestrate both traditional enterprise workloads and cloud application workloads
  • A mature, turn-key solution that lets you leverage existing hypervisor, storage and network investments
  • The fastest time-to-value, powering the world’s leading clouds and recognized as a market leader by industry experts
Transforming your Datacenter with CloudPlatform (1:54)

Hear how enterprise organizations are transforming their data center into a cloud and the types of workloads they are running.

Introduction to Citrix Cloud Solutions (23:45)

Learn about how Citrix Cloud Solutions can enable a hybrid cloud for your organization including the ability to deploy a private cloud deployed on-premise in your organization and secure connectivity to public cloud providers.

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Enable IT-as-a-Service

The journey to delivering IT-as-a-Service enables IT to move away from just building and operating applications to assembling, brokering and delivering any cloud provisioning service, both internal and external. CloudPlatform allows you to build the flexible infrastructure required to enable you to act as a service provider to your organization.

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Open flexible cloud orchestration platform

Based on open source Apache CloudStack, CloudPlatform is the industry’s most flexible and open cloud orchestration platform. Choose the hypervisor, storage and network technologies that are right for your cloud and leverage industry standard Amazon Web Service APIs and the rich partner ecosystem to expand and integrate value-added solutions and services.

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Fast time to value

CloudPlatform is a proven, turn-key cloud orchestration platform that enables you to quickly and efficiently build new cloud solutions.

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Future proof your cloud

Design your cloud strategy with a platform that can support both traditional enterprise and cloud-native applications from a single cloud orchestration platform so you can address the requirements of today and tomorrow.

Different workloads, different architectures, one solution (5:00)

A live white-boarding session where the cloud team talks about the different types of application workloads that run in the cloud, how they are architected and how Citrix CloudPlatform can deliver any type of workload.

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Run traditional enterprise applications

CloudPlatform enables you to leverage existing investments and meet enterprise isolation, virtualization and SLAs requirements for running mission critical application workloads. Choose from best-in-class virtualization, storage and networking solutions and a variety of isolation models for running traditional workloads in your own private cloud.

For faster, more agile and efficient management and operations of XenDesktop and XenApp environments, enterprises deploying CloudPlatform can leverage its cloud-based workload provisioning; or stage development, testing and production in a consistent way, easing the application development and publishing processes.

Defining a cloud computing strategy for your enterprise by Sameer Dholakia (2:57)

Cloud computing is driving an amazing amount of interest by enterprise organizations. With the ability to increase agility, deploy new solutions faster, and reduce costs, the cloud is driving a paradigm shift in IT strategy and infrastructure. In this video, Sameer Dholakia, VP and GM of the Citrix Cloud Division, talks about best practices for enterprises developing a cloud computing strategy, and how Citrix cloud solutions can help get a cloud business up and running quickly.

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Amazon style operations and scale

Scaling to over 40,000 hosts per region, CloudPlatform has a simple approach to cloud provisioning with all of the availability, storage and networking capabilities required for running massive cloud workloads. CloudPlatform delivers Amazon like availability, storage and networking with massive cloud scalability, elasticity and management efficiency.

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The world's largest clouds run on Citrix

CloudPlatform is recognized as a market leader by industry experts for its complete robust solution and industry compatible APIs. Customers are using CloudPlatform to power mission-critical workloads in some of today’s most dynamic public, private and hybrid clouds.

Mature and proven cloud orchestration with CloudPlatform (1:14)

Citrix CloudPlatform is a mature and proven cloud orchestration platform, trusted to power the world’s leading public and private clouds, run mission critical application workloads and recognized as a market leader by industry experts.

“To tell you the truth, building a cloud computing infrastructure was not an option for us but a mandatory step. Until recently, the quality of our IT service was unreliable. We had more than 90 different IT units spread around our main campus. When cloud technology came into play it enabled us for the first time to guarantee a level of quality throughout the university.”

- Professor Luiz Natal Rossi, IT Department Director, University of Sao Paulo

"I really like CloudStack because it does not demand to be the end-all-be-all for all my infrastructure. If I choose not to use virtualized networking, I can do that. If I choose not to use whatever storage is built into CloudStack, I can do that too. I can leverage all my existing investments and not get cornered into an evolving market that is very difficult to keep up with.”

- Peter Lopez, Systems Architect, Disney Interactive

“Everyone is looking for cloud services, but their needs are different. CloudPlatform gives them flexibility and choice without forcing them into a single cookie-cutter cloud service.”

- Ed Laczynski, VP of Cloud Strategy and Architecture, Datapipe



“Citrix is the only company that can provide all the capabilities we need to grow and expand our business.”

- Rich Wein, Chief Executive Officer, SSI

“I think that every government has to go to the cloud, a secure cloud, to reduce the cost. For the taxpayers we reduced the cost, our cost that has to be paid by the customers, in the past five years by about 10 million euros.”

- William Schmitt, CEO, KIVBF

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