Mobile video optimization and traffic management

Enhance the mobile subscriber experience and mobile network efficiency through content optimization, video caching, policy control and mobile traffic management.

Why True Move chose ByteMobile for video optimization (2:11)

TrueMove Thailand Case Study


Citrix ByteMobile earns top score in ABI Research's competitive assessment of mobile web and video optimization vendors.

Enhance subscriber quality of experience (QoE)

More than 140 operators on five continents have deployed ByteMobile Adaptive Traffic Management solutions to improve subscriber quality of experience (QoE), enabling them to effectively differentiate their services and improve subscriber loyalty.

UXI Based Adaptive Traffic Management (1:33)

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Improve mobile network efficiency with video caching and TCP optimization

Reduce network congestion through content optimization, video caching, policy control and mobile traffic management.

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Web Optimization (2:35)

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TCP Optimization (2:09)

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Video Streaming Optimization (1:45)

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Gain visibility into subscriber behavior and create new revenue opportunities

Engage with your subscribers inline to enhance your value in the mobile value chain and gain visibility into your network to make more informed pricing, video optimization and policy enforcement decisions. 

Subscriber Engagement (1:32)

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Mobile Analytics Video Datasheet (3:22)

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Add big data mobile analytics to your ByteMobile solution

ByteMobile Insight

ByteMobile Insight

Gain a comprehensive understanding of mobile data usage

Insight Overview (1:32)

Citrix ByteMobile Insight - overview of big data analytics solution for mobile operator monetization, marketing and customer care organizations.

Citrix delivers greater economic value and performance for operators… ByteMobile aligns the right amount of computing power with the needs of the local and regional datacenters.

Joseph Hoffman
ABI Research
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