Ensure document security without limiting access

Manage all documents and data inside secure content collaboration

What’s the price of a mistake? If it leads to a data breach, it can be nearly $4 million1. And as more employees access sensitive files on unmanaged devices or on public networks, the risks of a breach keep increasing. This forces IT teams into a tricky balancing act: providing the anywhere access to documents that end users need to be productive while keeping your organization’s data secure. The solution is a content collaboration service that combines the simplicity of personal file sharing with enterprise-grade controls and security.

Gain visibility into all document sharing

The average employee stores more than 2,000 files on public cloud apps, and approximately 20% contain regulated data2. It’s essential for you to take control over how they access, store, and share sensitive files. Citrix content collaboration solutions help IT maintain oversight on data access and sharing across the organization with enterprise-grade controls. These controls let you audit, track, and log all user activity to support compliance requirements and provide visibility into data usage. The result is IT gains comprehensive control over all your documents while your end users can rely on Citrix content collaboration solutions’ simplified user experience.

Proactively detect threats

Some of the most common cybercrime threats are internal attacks from malicious insiders, and these incidents can have serious impact3. Even well-meaning users can fall victim to phishing attacks, ransomware, and user security errors. To protect sensitive documents, you need to recognize threats before they turn into breaches. Citrix Analytics uses machine learning to detect risky behavior by end users and take proactive action to protect your organization. With this customizable, rules-based engine for Citrix content collaboration solutions, IT gains strong visibility into user behavior without dedicating extensive resources.

Protect sensitive data

As employees share files for everyday work, it’s easy to share sensitive information without realizing it. This makes it important to control document sharing based on the content inside these files. Citrix content collaboration solutions offers integrations with leading data loss prevention systems like Symantec, McAfee, and Forcepoint products, among others. This lets you arrange files based on their content and enforce secure content sharing to prevent sensitive information from leaking.

Prevent unauthorized sharing

When employees share a confidential document, you want to be sure that only the intended recipient reads it. Unfortunately, it’s often too easy for files to be forwarded to or screen-captured by unauthorized readers. Citrix content collaboration solutions’ information rights management (IRM) adds a layer of security to document sharing by allowing the file owner to add a watermark with the recipient’s name, email, and IP address to prevent screen captures. Senders can also choose to block recipients from downloading files so they can’t locally store copies of sensitive documents on their devices.

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