NetScaler Unified Gateway

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Too many best of breed solutions have complicated the data center infrastructure, making it hard as well as expensive to manage. IT trends change fast and as a result organizations look for point products to meet new requirements. Over time addition of point products has caused redundancy in data center infrastructure and as a result it has become very costly and very hard to manage. With the trends changing again, IT needs to pause and first consolidate the existing infrastructure.

Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway provides users with secure remote access to business applications deployed in the data center or a cloud across a range of devices including laptops, desktops, thin clients, tablets and smart phones. It provides a consolidated infrastructure, simplifies IT and reduces TCO of the data center infrastructure.

One URL - Consolidates remote access infrastructure

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides one URL and consolidates remote access infrastructure. It provides remote access from any device to any application. Virtual applications like Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Enterprise web and client-server applications, or cloud and SaaS applications.

For IT, this helps improve efficiency and reduce cost of ownership. For end users, it provides one URL for accessing any application from any location and improves the user experience. Users can now access any application, using
any device type, accessing One URL.

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides federated identity based on SAML 2.0 standards for single sign-on between applications. Users can now switch between XA/XD and enterprise/web/cloud applications without having to login again.

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides nFactor authentication mechanisms and allows granular control over who is accessing, what is being accessed, how and when is it being accessed. It supports all the authentication mechanisms like RADIOUS, TACACS, NTLM, Diameter, SAML 2.0, etc.

NetScaler Unified Gateway allows administrators to configure only one public IP to seamless Single Sign-On between applications.

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides a highly customizable portal that allows customers to brand them per their organizational standards. Customers can select logos, background colors, EULA agreements etc. as a part of this customization.

HDX Insight

HDX Insight™ makes it easier for IT organizations to overcome the expense and obstacles to achieving better application visibility. These obstacles and expense can include the need to deploy intrusive network taps, install software agents on every server or instrument each application for specialized monitoring. It provides both real time and historical monitoring for IT administrators and IT support teams.

Gateway Insight

Gateway Insight provides visibility and captures end-to-end user experience for all applications accessed through Unified Gateway. It provides information to application support teams to troubleshoot issues regarding authentication failures, EPA check failures, single sign-on failures etc.

This feature allows administrators to deploy NetScaler Unified Gateway for XenApp and XenDesktop access in a cluster where all nodes in the cluster are serving traffic. Administrators can use existing Gateway™ configuration and scale seamlessly in a cluster deployment without having to restrict the VPN configuration to a single node.

Striped HDX Insight feature allows administrators to configure and deploy HDX Insight in a cluster environment and view aggregated reports in NetScaler Insight Center™ across the cluster.

SmartAccess allows access control based on the user, user role, state of the end user device, location etc. XenApp and XenDesktop admin can create, manage and enforce these policies to access data in XenApp and XenDesktop environments.

SmartControl allows managing of XenApp and XenDesktop application policies from a centralized location. NetScaler Unified Gateway allows a security or networking admin to manage and enforce XenApp and XenDesktop policies like print, copy, paste etc., on a gateway appliance. This also ensures policies are enforced at the edge and improves security and manageability.

NetScaler Unified Gateway allows auto-reconnect of a session if a user is moving between networks. This mostly happens if a user goes from home network to work or vice versa. NetScaler Unified Gateway provides an "always connected" experience for end users.

NetScaler Unified Gateway allows administrators to configure it as a proxy to RDP/Terminal servers and provide unified access to the end user.

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides an SSL VPN client for all these OS platforms.

Integrated endpoint scanning ensures devices connecting to the network are compliant and secure per the organizational policies. In case of a failed result, users are provided with steps to update the device and meet compliance requirements. Quarantine groups and remediation allows NetScaler Unified Gateway to bring failed clients with limited access to remediation sites for compliance with the organization policies.

NetScaler offers IPv6 support for common industry platforms.