Choose the right application delivery platform for your needs

Our unified portfolio delivers operational consistency and flexibility for any use case

Whether you need one or several Citrix ADC platforms, a single code base and flexible, pooled-capacity licensing enables you to simply manage your deployment and freely reallocate capacity where you need it most.

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Support software-based application delivery for datacenters and private clouds

Deploy on your preferred hypervisor and achieve high SSL performance with no hardware acceleration (VPX).

Best for

  • Hybrid cloud use cases that require a virtual platform
  • Load balancing on premises and in public or private clouds
  • Replacing hardware-based use cases
  • Ensuring operational consistency of Citrix ADC across development, test, and production environments
  • Architecting scalable multi-tenant infrastructure with full isolation

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Run software-based application delivery and load balancing functionality as a Linux process, without a hypervisor or container overhead, on your choice of hardware (BLX).

Best for

  • High-throughput environments
  • Latency-sensitive workloads
  • Managing with common Linux deployment tools

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Deliver a full suite of Citrix ADC capabilities in a public or private cloud environment.

Whether you’re all-in on cloud or running some workloads on premises, Citrix ADC advanced traffic management ensures high availability of your ADCs for seamless and secure application delivery across multi-cloud.

Support application delivery in multi-cloud and on-premises environments (CPX)

Best for

  • Supporting containerized applications within different environments, such as Kubernetes and OpenShift
  • Transitioning to microservices with consistent policies
  • Providing developers and DevOps teams with load balancing early in the application development cycle

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Support hardware-based application delivery and load balancing

Purpose built for cloud scale and performance for SSL needs (MPX).

Best for

  • Managing web applications with multiple gigabits of traffic
  • High-performance web application security
  • High-performance SSL support

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Fully isolated, multi-tenant support for application workloads and groups (SDX).

Best for

  • Supporting hardware-based appliances with virtualization
  • Consolidating multiple physical load balancers
  • Supporting fully-isolated tenants
  • Simplifying application rollouts from staging and dev environments

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