Deliver secure access to VDI

With users remotely accessing their virtual applications and virtual desktops from anywhere, security must extend beyond your corporate network to the end user device or endpoint consuming the application. NetScaler Unified Gateway is the best front end for delivering VDI applications to your end user devices. It extends the security posture of your virtual app and virtual desktop deployment to the endpoint to maintain compliance while enhancing the user experience to maximize productivity.

Features for Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides secure access to Citrix XenApp, and Citrix XenDesktop applications. NetScaler Unified Gateway provides users with single-sign-on access to all virtual applications and virtual desktops through one URL. IT Administrators can apply contextual security policies to control access to applications based on the state and posture of the end user device.

Integrated with NetScaler Management and Analytics System and Citrix Director, HDX Insight provides a single location for management and monitoring of your Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure. NetScaler HDX Insight provides end-to-end visibility into all TCP, HTTP, and ICA/HDX access sessions, helping IT quickly pinpoint issues related to network and host latency, and overall application health.

NetScaler Unified Gateway support for the latest StoreFront theme means that any changes to the StoreFront UI are automatically applied to the Gateway portal and vice versa. This provides a consistent UI for employees and easier management for admins.

An always-on connection allows users to move from office LAN to a remote or Wi-Fi connection without affecting the SSL VPN session.

Support for Framehawk technology enables NetScaler Unified Gateway to improve delivery of XenApp and XenDesktop traffic in low or challenging bandwidth situations. To ensure the best user experience, NetScaler Unified Gateway grooms ICA transport over less-than-desirable network paths.  

NetScaler Unified Gateway with SmartAccess and SmartControl technologies provide a flexible way to balance user convenience against risk. SmartAccess and SmartControl provide IT with flexibility to configure the right amount of access needed based on a person’s role or location, the device type, and the sensitivity of the resource being requested. SmartControl centralizes policy management on the NetScaler, strengthening access control at the edge of the network.

Features for Microsoft RDP/RDS

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides secure delivery of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol and Remote Desktop Services (RDP/RDS). On establishing a full SSL VPN tunnel, users can access their remote desktops through a browser. NetScaler Unified Gateway provides Single Sign-On (SSO) across all applications and RDP/RDS applications to improve the user experience. Granular access control and multi-factor authentication allow IT to implement strict control over access to RDP/RDS resources.  

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides visibility into Microsoft RDP/RDS traffic in NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS). Gateway Insight provides information on any user logon issues or application launch failures related to Microsoft RDP/RDS sessions.

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides an enhanced and flexible approach to VDI security by allowing you to configure multiple authentication steps to access confidential data based on user role, location, device state, and more. It supports LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS, Diameter, and SAML2.0 authentication mechanisms, among others.  

Citrix product

NetScaler Unified Gateway

  • Enhances the security posture of virtual app and desktop deployments
  • Maintains compliance for users on any device in any location
  • Provides end-to-end monitoring and visibility for VDI traffic to improve user productivity
  • Delivers a better user experience with single sign-on (SSO) and one URL to all virtual apps and desktops through Citrix StoreFront
  • Balances security with productivity with contextual access control
  • Improves performance in low or challenging bandwidth situations Enables high-performance app delivery at any location on any device


End-to-end visibility of Citrix ICA traffic

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