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Defend against cyber-attacks in your hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure.

As businesses increasingly rely on applications to function, we are, in effect, living in an application and API economy. The applications themselves and the APIs through which they communicate become the most valuable and most vulnerable assets. Protecting the applications from cyber-attacks in the hybrid, multi-cloud is crucial to the business. This is complicated by the fact that apps are changing fast—and keeping up with the increasing number of threat vectors across the entire stack is challenging. Businesses need to ensure that application and API security is integrated, consistent, and cost effective at scale.

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Citrix ADC understands applications and how they work. This is why Citrix ADC offers a holistic approach to security from L3 to L7. Citrix ADC constantly monitors application traffic and requests to protect from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It defends your applications from unauthorised access with built-in access control lists and firewalling capabilities. It also provides contextual access to applications through flexible multi-factor authentication and secures data in transit with high performance TLS/SSL encryption and decryption.

Because all form-factors of Citrix ADC share a common code base, consistent security policies can be applied across all your application deployments on premises as well as in the private or and public cloud, reducing the complexity and vulnerability of your security posture.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) represent the quickest and most effective way for different applications and services to communicate. The increased use of APIs has led to new security issues. Weaknesses in API and API server infrastructure can be exploited and potentially represents the biggest threat vector to an application. There is an urgent need to mitigate these threats.

Citrix ADC acts as an API security gateway. It provides protection from DDoS, bots, data theft, and application layer attacks. It also enables authentication, content routing and throttling, and quota management. This will make your enterprise ready for the API economy.

Both inbound and outbound traffic must be inspected for malicious content and policy compliance. Increasingly, however, traffic is encrypted which presents a challenge for inspection. Traditionally, this is solved via local decryption on each inspection device.

With this approach security teams face three key challenges:

  • Multiple decryption/encryption processing is inefficient
  • Bigger and more expensive products are required
  • Increased complexity

Using Citrix ADC to terminate the TLS/SSL first and then using service chaining, you can forward traffic to each inspection device as required. With this approach, you make your TLS/SSL termination efficient because you only do it once. Because the network security appliances do not have to decrypt and encrypt traffic individually, they can be reduced in size and cost and you achieve a simpler design to implement and troubleshoot.

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Citrix ADC

  • Delivers the best user experience for any application, regardless of where it is hosted.
  • Software-centric, feature-rich, and flexible for deployment in a variety of form factors and clouds.
  • Integrated comprehensive L3 – L7 application and API security.