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With the increase in use of mobile devices and BYOD, employees are now accessing corporate applications and data from their own devices, from any location. And though this enhances employee satisfaction and productivity, multiple access points and non-corporate devices challenge the security and, therefore, the stability of your network.

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NetScaler Unified Gateway provides advanced security for applications and is the perfect solution for your mobile workforce. Delivering a consistent and better user experience, it provides the tightest security and complete end-to-end visibility for your traditional, virtual, and cloud applications.

Our virtualization solutions are designed to reduce operating costs, increase agility, boost data protection, and improve compliance. But for the best availability, reliability, security, performance, and adaptability, organizations should deliver these applications with NetScaler Unified Gateway.

Organizations that have not yet adopted Citrix virtualization solutions can also greatly enhance remote access with NetScaler Unified Gateway—and this is true even for severely fragmented infrastructures that include legacy and patchwork solutions. Unified Gateway eliminates complexity by consolidating multiple application delivery solutions, as well as multiple SSL VPN solutions, into a single Citrix networking solution. Through one URL, users experience highly available and secure application access, delivered anywhere and on any device. Management is simplified with central, granular, and dynamic controls. This single unified solution meets all your remote access and application delivery needs, benefitting users, IT, and the bottom line.

Because remote access can cause more site-level outages, you need to ensure a highly available app delivery solution. NetScaler dynamically load balances traffic to reroute user sessions during failures, while advanced health checks prevent potential issues. Always-on functionality with NetScaler Unified Gateway allows users to move between networks without experiencing any connection issues.

Unified Gateway consolidates access points and provides contextual and granular access control policies. In addition, it provides nFactor authentication with support for multiple authentication mechanisms, such as RADIUS, TACACS+ and user certificates.

To ensure unmatched performance over a WAN link, XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenMobile use the ICA display protocol. NetScaler can further improve performance through innovative rendering, multipath TCP tunneling, Framehawk, and more efficient use of available bandwidth and resources.

NetScaler allows you to scale up essential components and add capacity on demand with Pay-As-You-Grow licensing. The NetScaler Command Center gives IT simplified, centralized control to monitor, diagnose, and respond to potential issues quickly and seamlessly.

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NetScaler Unified Gateway

  • Delivers high-performance application delivery and improved user experience at any location, on any device
  • Provides the industry’s best and most cost-effective secure remote access solution
  • Eliminates the need for several disparate solutions, saving money and maintenance time
  • Consolidates gateways with a single access point and one URL


NetScaler Unified Gateway overview

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Consolidate your secure remote access delivery infrastructure with One URL

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Putting the “secure” in secure remote access

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