Provide single sign-on across web, virtual, cloud and SaaS applications based on the zero trust model

Users require easy access to their web, virtual, cloud and SaaS applications across multiple devices. Although organizations must require secure logins to protect corporate data, a difficult sign-in process can impede productivity.

In order to ensure a quality user experience while still maintain security and control, IT teams must provide users with single sign-on (SSO) across all applications. By leveraging contextual access controls and multi-factor authentication, you can maintain productivity and end-to-end visibility across all application traffic.

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Citrix Gateway provides a consolidated, secure front end for SSO across Citrix Workspace and all of your enterprise, web, and SaaS apps with support for SAML and OAuth, simplifying and improving the end user experience.

Citrix Gateway provides one-time password capability for multi-factor authentication. It also allows users to easily verify identity on their mobile device with one swipe to the Citrix SSO app.

Based on contextual access and the zero trust model, Citrix Gateway supports industry-standard mechanisms, including RADIUS, Kerberos, KCD, Diameter, LDAP, Active Directory, and TACACS. It integrates with various authentication providers such as DUO, RSA, Symantec, and Yubico. Using the zero trust model, it allows configuring of a number of authentication steps to access confidential data based on user role, location, and device state.

Enable SSO for target applications while leveraging your existing identity infrastructure. Citrix Gateway accommodates multiple identity systems so you can accelerate and streamline new users, partner relationships, and mergers and acquisitions.

Together with Gateway Insight, Citrix Application Delivery Management brings end-to-end visibility into all user sessions. Gateway Insight captures authentication errors caused by expired password, locked-out account, endpoint scan failure, or any SSO or application launch failures, so you can troubleshoot issues.

Citrix product

Citrix Gateway

  • Enables high-performance application delivery and improved user experience at any location, on any device
  • Eliminates the need for several point solutions, saving money and maintenance time
  • Consolidates gateways with a single access point and one URL
  • Provides a dashboard for end-to-end visibility into all network, authentication, and application issues