Non-Sale Products

Citrix products sometimes include various supporting products/components that are not independently available for sale.

Examples include the following:

  • StoreFront
  • License Server
  • Smart Auditor Player
  • Application Streaming Profiler

Code level maintenance for these items is typically delivered in the form of Minor Versions or Hotfixes. When an updated version is released, it will supersede the previous versions unless otherwise noted by Citrix. Citrix will typically support one version back (the current version and previous version) but maintenance will only occur on the most recent version. Often to resolve specific issues, Citrix may require upgrading to the latest version. Functionality in previous product versions will not be modified, enhanced or altered once an updated version is available.

The table below specifies lifecycle milestone dates for Non-Sale products/components that have been discontinued.

Lifecycle Milestone Dates for Discontinued Non-Sale Products/Components

Product/Component Name Version/Model Language NSC* EOM* EOL*
Desktop Broker for Citrix Presentation Server N/A EN 28-Nov-07 31-Dec-08 31-Dec-08
XenVault 1.x
*Lifecycle Abbreviations: NSC (Notice of Status Change), EOM (End of Maintenance), EOL (End of Life), and EOES (End of Extended Support). For definitions of these terms, click here.