Healthcare IT solutions from Citrix empower healthcare mobility

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Citrix is the trusted solution partner of 90% of the largest healthcare providers, all of the US News & World report top hospitals and the top health information technology vendors. Millions of caregivers and staff rely on healthcare IT solutions from Citrix to enable healthcare mobility and deliver seamless, secure, instant access to patient information as they roam across facilities, devices and networks. With Citrix, healthcare provides can focus on what matters most – patients and their families.

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Citrix Healthcare solutions address healthcare leaders’ requirements

Centralize and streamline IT operations and infrastructure

Today, every healthcare IT leader is expected to do more with less. You face stiff competition and pressure for your resources. Your teams want to forge ahead with transformative, clinician-supported technology initiatives, but most of your budget, time and personnel get spent implementing, updating and supporting core systems. Citrix solutions enable healthcare IT leaders to centralize and streamline IT operations and infrastructure to reduce overhead and gain the efficiency needed to invest in initiatives that will transform the business of healthcare.

Enhance clinician productivity, while ensuring PHI security and addressing government mandates

It is possible to empower physicians and nurses with what they need to improve patient care, while addressing critical mandates like Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Meaningful use and other global reforms that emerge, but it requires you to reduce barriers to clinician adoption and ensure technology drives maximum productivity for different clinical specialties and individuals. Technology must be simple and fast, adaptable to unique workflows and built with your clinicians’ desire for choice and flexibility in mind. Citrix healthcare mobility solutions empower physicians and nurses to instantly access clinical systems, data and care coordination tools – from any workstation or their device of choice. By enabling quick, easy and seamless access to PHI from any device without compromising security, you make it simpler for clinicians to meaningfully use EMRs, clinical decision support tools and other resources that help your organization meet government mandates.

Increase profits as the paradigm shifts towards value-based care

As reimbursement structures change, inpatient volume declines and regulations evolve towards value-based care, business leaders must be prepared. Innovative new strategies will be required to increase revenue, manage costs and drive business leadership. Citrix Healthcare Solutions enable your IT team to centrally deliver robust clinical and business systems to any facility, device or person – in a matter of days rather than weeks or months. Whether your organization acquires a hospital or physician practice, builds a new outpatient facility, expands partnerships or spins up a new business venture, IT service delivery is instant and secure. This accelerates the time-to-value for new ventures without increasing IT overhead or risk. Citrix healthcare solutions also help you better train, engage and retain distributed caregivers and staff at a time when you can’t afford to lose your best people.

Ensure personal health information (PHI) security and safeguard sensitive data

Keeping PHI safe and secure is a big task. You face unique security and privacy-related standards, regulations and laws. The number and scope of HIPAA data breaches continues to rise. Doctors, nurses, administrative staff and executives require rapid, mobile access to information as they move across locations and devices, but it can’t put PHI and sensitive data at risk. Citrix Healthcare IT solutions empower you to address key security and compliance priorities by ensuring the right level of secure access for every individual and situation. Our secure-by-design healthcare mobility solutions enable you to simplify security, protect intellectual property, ensure data privacy and meet HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliance mandates without sacrificing workforce productivity or satisfaction.

Security Insights with CSO Magazine (2:23)

In addition to agility and freedom of choice for users, virtual computing delivers unprecedented options to secure data while making it universally available.


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