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WHIPTAIL delivers high performance NAND Flash Silicon Storage Arrays dramatically improving application response time while consuming less energy than legacy storage arrays. WHIPTAIL's Silicon Storage Arrays enable databases, virtualized and online environments, to process more data in significantly less time. WHIPTAIL's customers experience substantial operational improvements because data processing time shrinks from days to hours or hours to minutesÉmoving your data at the speed of life.

WHIPTAIL's advantage for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp

Storage is typically the most challenging element of VDI deployments. Small, random WRITE IO requests push traditional HDD storage to the limit during normal operations. While it is commonly acknowledged that silicon storage array performance is measurably superior to that of spinning disk, less well known is the importance of silicon storage.

Furthermore with the proliferation of server virtualization beyond test and development environments over the past five years, a new and more challenging obstacle is emerging—storage sprawl. Server Virtualization involves users competing for the same resources, which is especially problematic for mid-to-large organizations' virtualized environments. This is when disk performance, CPU and memory issues arise.

With multiple systems contending for the same disk supply, sequential workload can turn into very demanding random workloads, which is extremely difficult for hard disk drives to handle efficiently. When functioning on an HDD storage array, virtualized servers cannot transfer files without being interrupted by another file transfer. As a result, enterprises deploy entirely new storage infrastructures to meet the IO demands to continue to scale-out their virtual environments.

As completely flash-based storage arrays, WHIPTAIL's products enhance virtualized environments, see sub-millisecond data access time and random and sequential workloads are no different. Virtualized applications can finally achieve the performance required by enterprise IT departments and end-users.

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    Give your enterprise the most valuable advantage -- time. With INVICTA's unparalleled low latency and scalable READ and WRITE performance.

  • XLR8r

    The WhipTail XLR8r is an SSD appliance designed to cost effectively meet the demanding performance needs of virtual desktop infrastructure deployments.