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XenMobile offers a complete solution for managing apps, data and devices. Whether your organization is replacing BlackBerry devices with BYO, finding a Good Technologies replacement due to poor user experience, or looking for a mobility solution that delivers more than just mobile apps, XenMobile provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that meets any mobile requirement.


Citrix XenMobile vs. AirWatch
Five reasons AirWatch can’t match XenMobile for empowering business mobility.

The complete enterprise mobility solution

Only XenMobile provides a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution that offers a complete set of mobile productivity apps:

AirWatch by VMware MobileIron Good
Unified App Store (access to mobile, web and Windows apps) VMware      
SSO across all apps VMware MI-secured mobile app only Good-secured mobile apps only  
Mobile productivity apps          

Secure email/PIM


 Secure browser

File sync & share

Office document editor

Enterprise note-taking


Remote desktop access

Mobile content management across all device types      
Network security management including GSLB and enterprise scale & availability        

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