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XenMobile offers a complete solution for managing apps, data and devices. Whether your organization is replacing BlackBerry devices with BYO, finding a Good Technologies replacement due to poor user experience, or looking for a mobility solution that delivers more than just mobile apps, XenMobile provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that meets any mobile requirement.


Citrix XenMobile vs. AirWatch
Five reasons AirWatch can’t match XenMobile for empowering business mobility.

5 Reasons XenMobile Beats the EMM Competition

The complete enterprise mobility solution

Only XenMobile provides a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution that offers a complete set of mobile productivity apps:

AirWatch by VMware MobileIron Good
Unified App Store (access to mobile, web and Windows apps) VMware      
SSO across all apps VMware MI-secured mobile app only Good-secured mobile apps only  
Mobile productivity apps          

Secure email/PIM


 Secure browser

File sync & share

Office document editor

Enterprise note-taking


Remote desktop access

Mobile content management across all device types      
Network security management including GSLB and enterprise scale & availability        

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