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XenMobile offers a complete solution for managing apps, data and devices. Whether your organization is replacing BlackBerry devices with BYO, finding a Good Technologies replacement due to poor user experience, or looking for a mobility solution that delivers more than just mobile apps, XenMobile provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that meets any mobile requirement.

The complete enterprise mobility solution

Only XenMobile provides a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution that offers all of the following benefits:

Strategic feature
Citrix AirWatch
MobileIron Good
Configure, secure, provision and support mobile devices No support services No support services MDM via a third party and no support services
Secure email, mobile web browser and document sharing apps with Worx Mobile Apps Limited, Android-only mail client Docs (SharePoint), basic browser, mail (Android only)
Enterprise-enable any mobile app
Limited policy control - no micro VPN Limited policy controls Good Dynamics SDK. Need code changes.
Unified corporate app store Mobile only
Mobile only
Mobile only
Seamless Windows app integration No Windows app support No Windows app support No Windows app support
Multi-factor single sign-on SAML only; not across all apps Only across AppConnect apps Only between Good apps

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