Applications and Desktops Services now available through Citrix Workspace Cloud

Deliver secure virtual apps and desktops to any device, and leave the product installation, setup, configuration, upgrades and monitoring to Citrix.

The new Virtual Apps and Desktops Services delivered through Citrix Workspace Cloud provide secure access to Windows and Linux applications, desktops and web browsers side-by-side. This service is based on industry-leading XenApp and XenDesktop technology and enables you to maintain complete control over applications, policies and users while delivering the best user experience on any device, under any network condition. For a predictable subscription fee, now you can deliver secure virtual apps and desktops to any device, and leave the product installation, setup, configuration, upgrades and monitoring to Citrix.

With Workspace Cloud Virtual Apps and Desktops Services, you can:

  • Automatically integrate with other Citrix products and services
  • Speed deployment and time-to-production value
  • Select a cloud infrastructure provider that best meets the needs of business and IT
  • Ensure that app and desktop virtualization is always up to date and with the latest updates and features
  • Scale application and desktop services up or down to meet demand or change requirements
  • Centrally manage apps and desktops across multiple resource locations more easily

XenDesktop 7.6 Feature Packs 1 and 2

Citrix is proud to announce XenDesktop 7.6 Feature Pack 1 and 2, which includes new enhancements in the areas of security with newly announced Common Criteria certification and intelligent SmartAuditor Session Recording. The Feature Packs improve the user experience on unpredictable mobile networks with newly integrated HDX Framehawk technology, extend support for Microsoft Lync 2013, bring the complete Windows experience to iPads and iPhones with the Citrix X1 Mouse, and for the first time ever XenDesktop is extending support to Linux Virtual Desktops, making the FlexCast Management Architecture even more robust. 

Improved Security

The latest XenDesktop is the only application and desktop virtualization solution that is both FIPS Compliant and Common Criteria certified, meeting the highest security standards for government agencies and security-minded organizations.

SmartAuditor Session Recording enhances monitoring, accelerates issue resolution, and simplifies compliance by providing a time-stamped visual record of individual virtual application sessions and user activity to simplify troubleshooting and enable multiple support teams to quickly playback the recording for auditing purposes.

Superior User Experience

XenDesktop is optimized for improved scalability, intelligent graphics rendering and better integration with mobile devices over any network.

Enhancing HDX with Framehawk technology provides unique acceleration optimizations that overcome challenging network conditions to deliver a better-than-native experience. 

Citrix X1 Mouse can truly mobilize the workforce by enabling the complete Windows app and desktop workspace experience on Apple iPads and iPhones, transforming them into powerful business productivity tools.

Expanded Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync 2013 support, including new telephony features, with the latest Optimization Pack for Microsoft Lync which provides IT with a scalable solution with lower overall latency and bandwidth consumption while improving video performance for Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

Flexible App and Desktop Management and Monitoring

For the first-time ever, XenApp FlexCast Management Architecture is extending support beyond Windows to include Linux Hosted Shared Desktops.  Now specialized engineering and manufacturing applications built exclusively for Linux can be virtualized side-by-side with your Windows apps and desktops.

New versions of Citrix Receiver for Windows, Macs and Linux along with a new version of Citrix StoreFront 3.0 modernize the enterprise app store experience. New branding customizations make it easy to modify the app store to align with corporate branding requirements and ensure that each employee will have a consistent experience across any device. 

XenDesktop remains the only app and desktop virtualization solution to offer flexibility in hypervisors by supporting Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware. New XenServer 6.5 Service Pack 1 continues to deliver more value to XenDesktop deployments through enhanced scalability, storage optimizations, and network improvements. 

Feature Packs 1 and 2 details

Feature FP1 FP2
Software Maintenance Eligibility Date:
25-Mar-15 24-Jun-15
SmartAuditor Session Recording
Intelligent session recording enhances monitoring, accelerates issue resolution, and simplifies compliance by providing a time-stamped visual record of individual sessions and user activity.
Yes Yes
Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack
Optimizes the delivery of voice, video and collaboration in conjunction with Citrix Receiver for Mac, Windows and Linux devices to enhance the performance of Skype for Business 2015, Microsoft Lync 2010 & 2013, and Office 365 within a virtualized XenApp and XenDesktop environment.
Learn more
Common Criteria Certified
XenDesktop received official Common Criteria Certification status along with the previously obtained FIPS compliant recognition, both certifications apply to the entire 7.x platform.
Yes Yes
XenServer 6.5 FP1
Included with XenDesktop, XenServer 6.5 FP1 increases speed, scalability and performance of enterprise-grade app and desktop virtualization.
Yes Yes

Citrix Receiver (Universal app access)
Simplifies the user experience of XenDesktop with a new, modern Citrix Receiver optimized for better navigation and personalization for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

- Yes
StoreFront 3.0
Enables the customized branding of StoreFront enterprise app store and extends the modernization of Citrix Receiver to HTML5 and Chrome.
- Yes
Linux Virtual Desktops
For the first-time ever, XenDesktop architecture will extend support to Hosted Shared RHEL and SUSE Linux Virtual Desktops.
- Yes
HDX Framehawk Technology
Provides unique acceleration technologies that overcome challenging network conditions to deliver a better-than-native user experience for virtual apps and desktops.
- Yes
Citrix X1 Mouse
Delivers the complete Windows experience to Apple iPad and iPhone devices by enabling physical mouse precision needed for Windows apps and desktops accessed via Citrix Receiver.
- Yes

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