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XenDesktop is the industry leader in desktop virtualization, delivering the only complete solution mobilizing windows apps and desktops for any use case.


A personalized desktop experience in any workstyle

Secure Remote Access to Office-Based PCs (1:09)

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The best high definition user experience in the industry

Apps on demand with a self-service enterprise app store

Powerful centralized management and monitoring tools

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How do I deploy XenDesktop?

XenDesktop 7 enables a scalable, simple, efficient, and manageable solution for delivering Windows applications and desktops. Use the documentation below to learn more about deploying XenDesktop.

How to deploy in the cloud

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Set Up SQL Server Mirroring (7:15)

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Set Up a XenDesktop 7 Site (4:19)

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Deliver Applications (2:46)

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Deliver App-V Applications (3:46)

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Configure server Load Balancing (3:43)

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Delegate Administration (3:47)

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Set up Configuration Logging (2:41)

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Deploy the VDA for Remote PC Access (7:15)

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Set up Remote PC Access (6:40)

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Get more out of your XenDesktop deployment

XenDesktop works in concert across Citrix products to ensure the most complete virtualization solution in the industry.

Citrix Workspace Suite

Citrix Workspace Suite delivers secure access to apps, data and services from any device, over any network, to eliminate the cost and complexity of managing a diverse workforce.


Meet mobile device security and compliance requirements for BYO and corporate liable devices while giving users the freedom to experience work and life their way.


Ensure the very best quality of service, leveraging industry-leading app delivery controller and gateway.


Reduce storage cost and complexity by using ShareFile for on-demand sync of user data either on- or off-premises.


For branch and mobile users, accelerate XenApp, XenDesktop and other enterprise applications, and deliver optimized video streaming without straining your enterprise WAN.

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