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Understand the architecture


What makes XenClient different?

XenClient is a true Type-1 client hypervisor that runs on bare metal. With XenClient, IT gains control over hard-to-manage laptops, and users can access their virtual desktop anywhere, anytime, even while disconnected from the network.

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Access virtual desktops anywhere, at any time

Watch the Eyecare Medical Group case study (3:01)

Eyecare Medical Group of Portland, Maine provides specialized medical, surgical and laser eye care to enhance, protect and preserve eyesight for patients. Their mission-critical practice management software has a massive footprint and needed to run locally on PCs versus in the datacenter. Wanting to move to a desktop virtualization environment, XenClient Enterprise was a perfect solution and it has proven to be a great choice.

Centralized and secure remote management

XenClient Synchronizer product tour (7:20)

Tom Reed, Citrix client virtualization specialist, walks through the many features of XenClient Synchronizer, the central management console for creating and updating virtual machines that securely run locally on laptops and desktops.

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How do I deploy XenClient?

XenClient simplifies delivery of virtual desktops with a single solution and single image to deploy, update, backup, recover, secure and control enterprise laptops.

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XenClient system requirements and hardware compatibility


Get more out of your XenClient deployment

XenClient works with products across the Citrix portfolio to meet the performance and security needs of both IT and end users.


Deliver Windows apps and desktops as secure mobile services to any device.

Desktop Player for Mac

Run Windows virtual desktops locally on corporate and BYO Macs.


Sync and share data across devices while meeting security requirements.