XenClient XT

The ultimate in multi-level secure local virtual desktops

Designed for organizations with extreme security requirements, including public sector customers, XenClient XT delivers the client-side virtualization of XenClient in a multi-level secure local virtual desktop solution with the highest levels of isolation and security. Unprecedented scalability and performance provide an optimal experience for even the most demanding user types.

Industry-leading local desktop virtualization

Multi-level desktop consolidation

High scalability lets you run a large number of securely isolated desktop computing environments on a single physical system.

Security without compromise

Direct access to underlying hardware resources delivers an unmatched HDX user experience for graphically and computationally demanding workloads—while maintaining extreme levels of security and performance.

Extreme desktop isolation

A thin, next-generation Type-1 client hypervisor with hardened components and network isolation service VMs allows multiple security domains and multiple networks on the same system.

Continued product innovation

XenClient XT is an actively maintained commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution complemented by a rich partner ecosystem that includes Intel and major PC OEMs.

High-security centralized management

XenClient XT is now available with central management. Synchronizer XT performs software updates and controls virtual machine policies via a remote connection.

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Highly regulated industries such as the public sector face challenges including the need to drive operational efficiences, protect their IT environments and work in a secure, multi-level and mobile environment. Secure, high-performance client virtualization from Citrix and Intel addresses these challenges to lower the TCO of IT and provide high-assurance security without compromising performance.

The ideal choice for demanding security-intensive use cases

Replacement for multi-level secure workstations

XenClient XT can replace multiple physical workstations for users who access multiple security domains, reducing the complexity, power and cooling equipment necessary for high security environments.

High-performance alternative to Type-2 hypervisor-based solutions

The requirements for today's operational environment have grown to include multiple high-definition video streams, hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and real-time communications. XenClient XT can meet these demands better than Type 2 hypervisor-based alternatives through direct access to powerful local computing power, including graphics and video processing. Based on a commercial off-the-shelf product, XenClient XT gives you the confidence of a robust roadmap and support from an industry leader.


Unique features to meet highest levels of isolation and security

Bare metal hypervisor

A Type-1 bare metal virtualization architecture scales to run large numbers of virtual desktops simultaneously on a single computer—with a user experience identical to a physical desktop or laptop, even for the most demanding workloads.

Hardened client hypervisor

Multiple virtual desktops can run different security domains on the same system with complete secure isolation for each virtual desktop. XenClient XT protects against attacks to the hypervisor and supporting components.

Hardware-assisted security

Security and isolation rooted in Intel vPro hardware allow you to boot to a trusted and verified platform every time using Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) technology. High-performance disk encryption, accelerated with Intel AES-NI, protects without impairing the user experience. Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O enables secure direct access to 3D graphics for hardware acceleration to support multimedia and other graphics-intensive applications.

Network isolation service VMs

High levels of network isolation both on and off the box protect critical elements of the platform from network-based attacks. Encapsulated, unique, encrypted network streams for each virtual desktop prevent problems from spreading and allow the use of a single physical network connection to the desktop. Virtual desktops can only connect to authorized backend infrastructure and VPN clients are completely isolated from cyber-attacks.

Enhanced policy granularity

XenClient XT helps you protect your environment by providing users with a known-trusted Windows virtual desktop on every boot and automatically purges user changes to the system on logoff. The solution also enables high-performance disk encryption without backend management servers and provides granular controls for data movement and environment isolation.

Centralized management

An independent management synchronizer performs updates and controls VM policies via a remote connection.  Called Synchronizer XT, it has a User Interface or Command Line Interface and can run on most Linux distributions.

HDX user experience

XenClient XT improves user acceptance of a virtualized local VM solution by offering near-native performance even for intensive 3D applications and multiple high-definition video streams. The most demanding workloads can run as a local virtual desktop with no discernible difference from the "normal" user experience.

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