The world's most advanced application delivery controller for mobile and web

Citrix NetScaler is deployed in thousands of networks around the globe to optimize, secure and control the delivery of all enterprise and cloud services, and to maximize the end user experience for all users including mobile clients.

Citrix positioned in the Leader’s Quadrant of Gartner Magic Quadrant for ADCs

Cisco ACI and NetScaler dramatically reduce time to service delivery through a common policy framework

Citrix NetScaler is the only application delivery controller that fully integrates into Cisco's unified fabric

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Scalable, high-performance appliance options for any business – including virtual network architectures

NetScaler is available in different appliance options to match the broadest range of business, performance and deployment requirements for your network, including virtual network architectures.

Industry leading application security, acceleration, load balancing and GSLB

NetScaler is the industry’s leading service delivery platform with the most comprehensive set of application security, acceleration and load balancing (including GSLB) capabilities across the broadest range of platforms.

NetScaler vs. F5: 4 key technical differentiators (3:03)

Dave Potter speaks to 4 technical differentiators between NetScaler and F5. In this video, Dave makes specific references to the Tolly Report and recommeds reading the white paper: Why Choose NetScaler over F5.

Optimized and secure mobile experience enabled by NetScaler MobileStream

NetScaler MobileStream technology ensures optimal performance and security for mobile networks, and provides visibility into mobile applications so businesses have the information they need to provide the best online experience for their users.

Technical Features of the new NetScaler 10 release (2:47)

this video goes over technical features of the new NetScaler 10 release

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Unmatched cloud scalability with new Citrix TriScale technology

Citrix TriScale technology revolutionizes enterprise cloud networks by providing unrivaled capabilities that smartly and affordably scale application and service delivery infrastructures without additional complexity.

NetScaler Clustering performance demo (2:28)

In this video, a 16-node NetScaler cluster is setup to achieve 750 gbps throughput using an ECMP topology. All nodes in the cluster are connected to the switch fabric using an independent LACP channel in order to sustain such load.

Chalk Talk - Citrix NetScaler with TriScale Technology (2:07)

Citrix NetScaler with TriScale technology provides a multi-dimensional approach to scale your cloud network.

Next generation application security

Secure web applications, prevent inadvertent or intentional disclosure of confidential information and maintain compliance with information security regulations such as PCI-DSS.  A hybrid security model combines attack signature detection with an advanced learning engine, enabling rapid deployment and preventing DDoS attacks.

Laptop and Smartphone

Secure and optimized XenDesktop experience

Ensure high availability for critical XenDesktop services for local and mobile users while delivering a rich user experience. Provide strong data security and deliver secure access and visibility.

NetScaler Insight Center - HDX Insight (2:56)

HDX Insight™ enables IT to deliver an exceptional user experience by providing unprecedented end-to-end visibility into the Citrix ICA™ traffic that passes through the NetScaler™ or CloudBridge™ application networking fabric. HDX Insight delivers compelling and powerful business intelligence and failure analysis capabilities for the network, virtual desktops, applications and application fabric. Find out more at or

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Citrix Solutions enabled by NetScaler

Scale, simplify and virtualize mobile services

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Consolidate best-in-class application delivery services onto an open, app-driven software defined platform

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NetScaler: Availability and Performance
NetScaler: Availability & Performance

Create a service delivery fabric for maximum performance, availability and scale

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Leverage infinite scale and flexibility across private and public clouds

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Secure confidential business information while maximizing access and collaboration

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