Deliver, manage and secure Windows virtual desktops on Macs

Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac extends the benefits of XenDesktop to BYO and corporate MacBook users, enabling them to run Windows desktops on a Mac whether they are online, offline, or even experiencing a slow or intermittent network connection. 

What is DesktopPlayer? (3:13)

DesktopPlayer Tech Previews

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Simplify IT support of MacBooks with centralized management

With DesktopPlayer, IT is able to efficiently deploy, update, and manage virtual desktops for mobile Mac users on both corporate and BYO devices. Centralized management capabilities include zero-touch provisioning, one-to-many patching, and role-based policy management for comprehensive IT control.

Macbook with DesktopPlayer for Mac on Screen

Increase productivity with corporate virtual PC desktops for BYO MacBook users

By extending the benefits of desktop virtualization to mobile Mac users, DesktopPlayer enables  employees to bring their own device into the workplace and work from anywhere, regardless of network connectivity. The easy installation does not disrupt the existing OS and allows for seamless switching between desktops for added flexibility and productivity.

XenDesktop Local Mode Empowers Laptop Users (3:54)

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Secure virtual desktops and protect against data loss

DesktopPlayer secures virtual desktops and reduces the risk of data loss for on-the-go MacBook users with features such as time-based lockout, expiration and remote wipe policies. With these capabilities, sensitive information within the virtual desktop stays safe – even if the device is lost or stolen.

Centrally manage and secure Windows virtual desktops on Macs

Enhance productivity for corporate MacBook users

Deliver virtual PC desktops to MacBook users that enable mobility while improving productivity – regardless of network connectivity.

Easy, non-disruptive install for BYO Macs

Offer a simple solution that allows employees to run Windows on BYO MacBooks in the enterprise while preserving their personal environment.

Manage and control desktops for temporary workers

Easily manage desktops for consultants and contractors by rapidly provisioning and deprovisioning workers and protecting against data leakage.



"DesktopPlayer makes it super easy to give a preconfigured Windows VM to Mac users…It is far easier than VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop."

Arthur Blakely
Sr. Systems Administrator




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