Deliver, manage and secure Windows virtual desktops on Macs

Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac extends the benefits of XenDesktop to MacBook users, enabling them to run Windows desktops on a Mac whether they are online, offline, or even experiencing a slow or intermittent network connection. End users gain freedom while IT gains control by centrally managing Windows virtual desktops deployed to corporate and BYO MacBooks.

  • Empower Mac users to work on a local Windows virtual desktop regardless of the quality of the network connection
  • Centrally manage local Windows desktops on Macs through an intuitive IT console for deploying, updating, managing and securing virtual desktops
  • Protect corporate data on MacBooks with expiration, lockout and remote kill features in the event of device loss or theft
  • Eliminate the need to keep rebooting for Boot Camp users who frequently switch between their Windows and Mac OS
  • Synchronize data and profiles across users’ MacBooks and hosted desktops with Citrix Profile Manager and ShareFile to give users local access to their Windows virtual desktops on their Mac

Seamless virtual Windows desktops for Macs

Using DesktopPlayer with XenDesktop and ShareFile enables users to switch between local and hosted VMs with ongoing synchronization of profiles and data. This allows users to work on their laptop and then seamlessly switch to any device to access their hosted virtual desktop.

DesktopPlayer is the only virtual desktop solution for MacBooks that provides:

  • Local virtual desktop capability with no network dependency
  • Full centralized management and control for IT
  • Security for both data and virtual desktops
  • Integration as an add-on to XenDesktop

With DesktopPlayer, Citrix customers can deploy the same Windows virtual desktop image to their MacBooks as they do to their corporate laptop users. This enables companies to manage all corporate laptops, including BYO MacBooks, using the same virtual desktop image library.

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DesktopPlayer will provide a standard platform for Windows images running on corporate and BYO Macs. End users will value its simplicity and flexibility, and IT will value the time they save on managing and securing laptops.
- Thomas Gamull

Practice Manager, Workforce Mobility


The local mode of XenDesktop for Macs

XenDesktop local mode is an umbrella term for capabilities that enable running virtual desktops locally. It includes both DesktopPlayer and XenClient. DesktopPlayer runs virtual desktops on a Type-2 client hypervisor, which is ideal for corporate and BYO MacBooks since it does not disrupt the user’s existing base operating system, but still allows IT to deliver a centrally managed corporate Windows virtual desktop. XenClient runs virtual desktops on a Type-1 client hypervisor, for greater control and management of PC laptops and desktops.

XenDesktop local mode empowers laptop users (3:54)

Phil Redman, Citrix VP of Mobile Solutions and Strategy, talks about XenDesktop local mode for enabling mobile laptop users to access their Windows desktop in any network scenario -- including low quality connections, congested Wi-Fi hotspots, and even when no connection is available.

I’m a big fanboy [of DesktopPlayer].
- Brian Madden

Independent Industry Analyst and Blogger


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