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What is the Citrix Ready Program?

Citrix Ready is an end-to-end partner program that showcases and recommends third party products, solutions and services demonstrating compatibility with Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure. It allows users to quickly and easily find solutions recommended by Citrix that are trusted to enhance Citrix offerings.

Why should I join the Citrix Ready program?

Through the program your company, products, and solutions can gain exposure to over 230,000 Citrix customers and 8,000 Citrix resellers. The Citrix Ready designation enables partners to generate new revenue opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, and also increases mindshare leveraging the Citrix brand.

Who should join the Citrix Ready Program?

The Citrix Ready Program is designed for organizations who have demonstrated product and solution compatibility with one or more Citrix products. Software vendors, hardware vendors, and other technology firms can benefit from the program and take advantage of the visibility that the program products and solutions.

How do I join the Citrix Ready program?

Citrix Ready program has 3 basic enrollment steps.

Step 1 - Complete your Citrix Ready application form
Step 2 - Verify your products using the test kit process
Step 3 - Submit your product verification details to

Should you have any questions about the enrollment process, please reach out to

What is the fee to join the Citrix Ready program?

There is no fee to verify products and solutions with Citrix. Partners can enroll at the base level of the program “Access” at no fees. Depending on the engagement levels and benefit needs, partners can choose to upgrade their membership to the “Plus” (5,000 USD/annually) and “Premier” (7,500 USD/annually) levels.

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What are the technical and marketing benefits available to partners at different levels?

Please click here to view and download the technical, sales and marketing benefits

What are my benefits as an Access partner?

  • Citrix Receiver Redistribution
  • Technical Support incidents: Discounted
  • Citrix Ready Promotional logo usage
  • Citrix Ready Product branding
  • Citrix Ready Press Release and Newsletter
  • Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace Inclusion and Lead Generation

What are my benefits as a Plus partner?

In addition to the benefits of Access level, as a “Plus” partner you receive the following benefits:

  • Access to development tools API’s and SDK’s
  • 5 Technical Support Incidence Package
  • Citrix Ready custom branded logo usage
  • Access to CitrixTV channel partner training and sales videos
  • Press release with Citrix quote (Citrix Exec)
  • New Marketing program benefits

What are my benefits as a Premier partner?

In addition to the benefits of Access and Plus level, as a “Premier” partner you receive the following benefits:

  • Access to Technical Preview or Early Adopter Software
  • Priority support SLA for technical issues
  • Shared Citrix Ready resources across 3 stages
  • Joint technical webinar + promotion (Annual)
  • Additional Demo Licenses
  • Access to Citrix Key Plays
  • Highest level of marketing program benefits

What is Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace?

Citrix Ready Xchange is a brand new enterprise marketplace which is a centralized, easy to navigate portal for 3rd party products and solutions targeted at customers.

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What is Citrix Ready virtual lab?

Citrix Ready Virtual Lab is an online lab that makes it simple for Citrix ecosystem partners to verify their products for the Citrix Ready program. The lab environment is preconfigured according to the requirements of select Citrix Ready verifications and contains the servers that most ISV partners require to verify their products. Click here to know more.

We are not a Citrix Ready partner, how can we get an access to the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab?

The Citrix Ready Virtual Lab can be accessed Any user with a valid MyCitrix account is allowed to log into the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab. Although any MyCitrix user can log into his account, it is still considered inactive. The only way to activate the account is by submitting the company and product details with the intention of using Citrix Ready Virtual Lab for product verification. The user will be prompted with a form asking for the necessary details. This form should be filled in and submitted to Citrix. Upon receipt of the details Citrix will validate the same and activate the account if they are found relevant. The user will receive an activation email once the account is activated. Further to this the user will gain privileges for provisioning the labs.

What is the free trial period to access Citrix Ready Virtual Lab?

Any Partner or CRVL user is entitled to use any type of lab free of cost for a period of 5 days. Partners are allowed to provision a single instance of XenApp6.5, XenApp6.0 and XenDesktop5.6 during the trial period. The trial period will start from the time when the provisioning of the lab is complete. Once the free trial period is over, the partner must convert their account to “paid” type and can use the lab for as long as required on a pay-as-you-go basis.

How to Provision the Virtual lab?

Once the partner gains the privileges for provisioning the labs, any lab can be provisioned by clicking on the "New Environment" button on the CRVL Dashboard screen.

What are the benefits of converting the account from Trial to Paid Type?

The following are the benefits of converting the account type from Trial to Paid:

  • Allows Multiple Provisioning – Unlike in Trial mode where the Partner is restricted to provision only one type (out of XenApp 6.0, XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop5.6) of Environment, in the Paid type the Partner can provision the same type of Lab multiple times.
  • Longer Availability of Lab Environment – The trial period only lasts 5 days. However, as a Paid type, the Partner will gain the option to extend the lab till the testing is complete. And hence the Partner is allowed to keep the lab alive for as many days as needed.
  • Access to SoftLayer Portal – The Partner will gain the access to the SoftLayer portal – Here the Partner will get the visibility of all the transactions happening while the lab gets provisioned. Also the Partner will get better visibility into the billing information.

How many labs can a user provision at a time?

During the trial period, the user is allowed to provision any lab out of XenApp 6.0, XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop5.6 environment freely only once. Multiple provisioning of the labs can only be done when the account is in the Paid type, or pay-as-you-go model. Any attempt to do multiple provisioning of same type of lab will result in the user getting redirected to a payment gateway. The user will have an option to convert the account to paid type.

Do all partners/levels have access to support?

Yes, At the “Access” level, partners are provided technical support at discounted rates. At “Plus” and “Premier” levels, partners get an annual technical support incidence package. Learn more about the exciting benefits offered under each of the Citrix Ready program levels.

I have a product that I believe works with Citrix technologies. How can I feature this product on the Citrix Ready Xchange Martketplace?

Please follow the steps below to:

Step 1 – Complete your Citrix Ready application form
Step 2 – Verify your products using the test kit process
Step 3 – Submit your product verification details to

Should you have any questions about verification and testing process, please reach out to

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What is Citrix Ready verification?

Citrix Ready verification is an assessment/testing methodology designed to ensure that the third party products are compatible with Citrix products and the first step to applying to qualify for Citrix Ready membership. The Citrix Ready designation is awarded to third party products and solutions successfully verified with a specific Citrix product using the Citrix Ready verification methodology designed and supplied by Citrix.

Does Citrix Ready verification provide a warranty or guarantee related to Citrix Ready products?

No. The Citrix Ready designation is not a product certification, nor does it provide any warranty or guarantee on any product, solution or application. To be designated Citrix Ready, products must pass the Citrix-supplied verification test. The verification test is published and open for all to view. The designation of a product as Citrix Ready simply indicates that either the company or Citrix has completed the verification test supplied by Citrix. The Citrix Ready designation does not provide any performance or operational guarantee of any kind. The Citrix Ready designation is an indication the partner’s product is compatible with Citrix and will operate in a Citrix environment. For additional information, please refer to the Citrix Ready legal agreement.

How does a product get Citrix Ready verified?

Partners should follow these steps to apply for Citrix Ready verification:

  • Download the appropriate Citrix Ready product verification kit(s)
  • Conduct Citrix product verification testing
  • Submit the verification results by email to
  • Complete your online application available on Citrix will review your verification results and will advise the partner when the program membership becomes active

What are the fees for Citrix Ready verification?

There are no charges to conduct and submit results for Citrix Ready verification.

Can software applications be Citrix Ready verified?

Yes, Citrix Ready verification kits are available for software applications.

Are there any authorized partners who can help with verification testing process?

Yes. There are three authorized, third-party Citrix Ready test agencies, more details are available here. Write to for more information.

Do you have a Demo video or Tutorial?

Yes, we please follow this link to watch the demo video on Citrix TV.

Our product is applicable for multiple Citrix products. How do I submit the test results for more than one Citrix product?

Yes, please download the how to video from here. In the video we have taken peripheral test kit as an example. If you are planning to certify any USB device as Citrix Ready, you can use Peripheral test kit. In such cases, you can add multiple test kits (Citrix ViaB and Citrix XenDesktop).

I have already submitted the online application; I am already a partner, why do I have to go through the test kit process?

As you are aware, Citrix Ready™ is product verification program. Your partner application will only be approved after you successfully verify your product integration with Citrix Products.

The product doesn’t come under any category listed in the test kit section, how do I submit the test results?

 We have always tried to make the test kit available for all the products the partners want to offer,   and we are in the process of making the list as exhaustive as possible.

Please download the Standard Test Kit from here.

Please provide information about the product and also provide time slots for a demo. Citrix Ready team will workclosely with you in approving your product as Citrix Ready.

What is the expected time taken for the test results approval?

Typically the approval process takes 3 business days, however the approval is subject to the logs and the verification form you have submitted.

I had submitted the product profile and test results, and it has already been approved, however I still do not see my product on the Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace?

The products should be visible on the Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace once it gets approved. Please reach out to us at in case your product is not visible.

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