Optimize internet traffic with real-time data

With billions of real user measurements a day, from every corner of the internet, Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management monitors internet traffic issues in real time and automatically steers your traffic to avoid them.

Whether you host your applications and content on premises, in the cloud or in content delivery networks (CDNs), Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management allows you to globally load balance all traffic, dynamically optimizing the user experience and lowering service costs. Citrix uses real-time machine learning to direct user requests to the most suitable content source.

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Additional use cases  

Video traffic is accelerating just as fast as customer quality expectations are. Your growing audience is anywhere and everywhere—on any device, all over the globe. As your viewer base expands and diversifies, you must ensure seamless, high-quality CDN delivery. Scale globally, but optimize with user-by-user, second-by-second granularity to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management synthetic monitoring is a powerful and real-time tool that tracks and analyzes the health of the underlying resources. In this way, you have actionable synthetic monitoring data no matter what’s happening with your dynamic infrastructure. The synthetic monitoring constantly tests service health in the datacenter, the cloud and each CDN, so you always know if your services are available and usable. It can also be used to inform automatic routing decisions and failover planning. This means no more manual emergency service switch-overs in the middle of the night for IT Ops and DevOps teams.

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Cloud migration can be risky—it’s not as simple as building all the content in a new place and flipping a switch. Applications must be delivered effectively before, during, and after migration and must be constantly available. With Citrix Intelligent Delivery Management, you are in control of deciding how your content is delivered. The simple interface is easily programmed to direct users to content by rules you define. You are not bound by the limited rules offered by traditional global server load balancing vendors. Your services can also be migrated at the speed you want.

It is prudent to move services one at a time, test them and agree it works—Citrix allows you to do this. By building the service in the cloud and dialing up the number of users who access it in each place, it is possible to assess if the service is working before opening it fully. Because you can fail back immediately if something doesn't work, risk of lost users is reduced and the overall user experience is enhanced.

Content delivery partners have differing strengths and weaknesses, based on any number of factors: geographic coverage, architectures, cost and usage models, etc. Because of this, uptime and latency can vary greatly at any moment. It is critical to choose which delivery network, cloud, or datacenter is the best for your unique needs, and the needs ot each user.On a global scale, that’s a lot of decision-making. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management cost-effectively delivers the best user experience, by automating the process and enabling dynamic web content delivery decisions.

Content delivery over a multiple CDN architecture is a best practice for modern Ops teams. Ensuring uptime and multiple delivery contingencies gives teams peace of mind and the flexibility and choice and necessary to reduce the adverse effects of vendor lock-in. When you’re able to load balance your application, video, and website content delivery across multiple CDNs, you can ensure your end users are shielded from service degradations and outages. The software-defined delivery logic in Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management software-defined delivery logic makes real-time decisions on which CDNs to use, based on real-user community data, application monitoring, and any other parameter set that is important to your business.

Real user monitoring data drives all aspects of Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

Citrix collects information from across more than 50,000 networks daily.

Over 130 Clouds, CDNs and Datacenters are measured daily.

Hundreds of millions of clients generate over 14 billion RUM data points every day.

Best practices for evaluating and implementing a multi-CDN strategy

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