A collaborative work platform built to work like you

Citrix Podio is the social collaboration tool that allows you to build apps and set up workspaces to support your preferred workflows and help you be more effective. Easily manage projects and other business processes and interact with clients, partners and team members, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-based workflow

Whether you're working alone or with colleagues – inside or outside of your company – Podio has hundreds of free business apps you can customize to create your ideal cloud-based workflow. Or, you can build your own! No technical skills required.


  • Social collaboration: Give your team a place in the cloud to discuss ideas, share files and organize meetings – it even integrates with GoToMeeting for easy online meetings.
  • Project management software: Keep track of your deliverables, budget, time and files all in one place.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Enable your salespeople to easily store and share lead information and sales stats.
  • Recruiting: Manage the entire recruitment process, from job descriptions and applicant tracking to on-boarding new hires.
  • Events: Plan events and keep everyone on your team informed. Store data about venues, supplies, attendees, budget, deadlines and more.

Social collaboration tools

Similar to many social media tools, Podio empowers people in your workspaces to post statuses, make comments, "like" each others' posts and share files. What's different with Podio? You get to decide how to structure these interactions for your business. Plus, conversations don't get lost in the cloud – they're conveniently stored in context with the project being discussed. It's the best way to bring social collaboration to the business world.

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Podio covers many of our needs in one place – wikis, functional apps, internal communications and more. It's an agile way of working and interacting internally and with customers.
- Thomas Nicholls

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