Socitm Spring Conference 2016 In Collaboration with Kelway
Apr 21 2016

Apr 21, 2016 | 8:45 AM GMT

London, United Kingdom

Prospero House

Socitm Spring Conference 2016

In Collaboration with Kelway

As technology leaders face heightened pressure to radically transform services and deliver significant savings, the Socitm Spring Conference returns with the latest policy developments and best-practice thinking.

This year’s event will focus on building the business case for service redesign, allowing our audience to develop their understanding of the policies and working practices that underpin successful transformation. Key issues to be discussed will include:

  • Delivering digital differently: how should we provide public services in the future?
  • Making the case for investment: which current business models are enabling innovative, cost-effective working?
  • A new form of supplier partnerships: can we make better use of public-private funding?
  • Open systems: establishing common platforms, publishing accessible and reusable data
  • Health and social care integration: implementing a whole place approach
  • Promoting diversity: empowering women in a digital world