ExtraBlu: When Open Platforms Collide!
Aug 31 2016

Aug 31, 2016


ExtraBlu: When Open Platforms Collide!

What you will learn

When two open platforms like OctoBlu and ExtraHop combine their expertise and technologies, you truly get "Synergy" (pun intended). We will demonstrate how we can leverage OctoBlu's workflows and web hooks with the "Eyes and Ears" of ExtraHop's Wire Data Analytics to deliver, not only unparalleled visibility, but a range of automation and workflows that can augment today's time-strapped Citrix teams!

Presentation will include live Q&A from participants. CTP and CUGC member Tom Gamull will moderate.

Win an Apple Watch from ExtraHop! Simply opt-in at registration for your chance to win!

*Endusers only. Citrix and Citrix Partner employees are not eligible for prizes.

Presented by CUGC and ExtraHop.

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John Smith, CTP Alum and Solutions Architect, ExtraHop