Getting the most from Citrix Lifecycle Management service and XenServer
Mar 16 2016

Mar 16, 2016

Getting the most from Citrix Lifecycle Management service and XenServer

In this complimentary interactive webinar, we discussed key use cases, value props and best practices for Citrix Lifecycle Management and XenServer.

During the first hour, we reviewed how to automate end-to-end lifecycle management of XenApp workloads with Citrix Lifecycle Management. During the second hour we discussed some of the latest virtualization technologies only offered by XenServer, and how to leverage its scalability and performance enhancements.

What you will learn

  • Key use cases for new or existing Citrix workload deployments
  • How Citrix Lifecycle Management accelerates time-to-value and simplifies management of Citrix workloads with validated blueprints
  • How to automate power management of XenDesktop VDAs on public cloud
  • Automate Migration from XenApp 6.x to 7.6 workloads
  • About XenServer Tech Preview product enhancements and new features applicable to app, desktop and server virtualization use cases
  • How Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop customers benefit from a XenServer hosting infrastructure
  • From Goliath Technologies about third party integration for Citrix solutions


  • Kailas Jawadekar, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Citrix Lifecycle Management
  • Jie Feng, Principal Product Manager, Citrix Lifecycle Management
  • Marc Trouard-Riolle, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Citrix, XenServer

XenServer session

Citrix Lifecycle Management session