Citrix Chromium Embedded Framework(CEF) for Windows

(24 GB - .zip)

SHA - 2568966188b779326efc4e60c8008617df524141a3480405afcfe20dab06021b5f9

Modified source code of Chromium Embedded Framework for Win32 configuration.


This modified CEF code is based off from the following Chromium source code:

·         git repo location:

·         branch: 3359

·         commit: 8e7c5d6



Above baseline CEF source code is modified for win32 configuration only to meet product needs. The following Citrix customizations are applied to the baseline code:

·         ffmpeg: h264 decoder is enabled for ffmpeg

·         webrtc: openh264 encoder is enabled for webrtc

      ·        chromium: aac codec from Windows OS is utilized when necessary

Support Resources

Chromium Engine Framework

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