Citrix Receiver for Linux - Platform Optimization SDK

Release Date: Aug 29, 2016

Get the most out of your Linux device

As part of the HDX SoC initiative for Citrix Receiver for Linux, we have come up with the 'Platform optimization SDK' for enabling an ecosystem of low cost, low power, high performance devices with innovative form factors.

The Platform Optimization SDK can be used by developers looking to improve the performance of Linux-based devices by allowing them to create plug-in extensions for the ICA engine component (wfica) of Citrix Receiver for Linux. Plugins are built as shareable libraries that are dynamically loaded by wfica. These plugins can help you optimize the performance of your Linux devices, enabling the following functions: 

  • Provide accelerated decoding of JPEG and H.264 data used to draw the session image
  • Control the allocation of memory used to draw the session image
  • Improve performance by taking control of the low-level drawing of the session image
  • Provide graphics output and user input services for OS environments that do not support X11

Want to take your device to the next level?

Learn more about the Citrix HDX System-on-Chip initiative here.

Linux Platform Optimization SDK (x86)

Aug 29, 2016
2.73MB - (.tgz) Download File
  • MD5 - f559b4a69b6473d8fdf8fad8c80583a0

Linux Platform Optimization SDK (x86_64)

Aug 29, 2016
2.65MB - (.tgz) Download File
  • MD5 - 69ec731ee5a4e34632d72f1cbe5a2d03

Linux Platform Optimization SDK (ARM HF)

Aug 29, 2016
2.03MB - (.tgz) Download File
  • MD5 - 38165f58584e646bf01d228b2aab2263

Linux Platform Optimization SDK (ARM EL)

Aug 29, 2016
2.13MB - (.tgz) Download File
  • MD5 - 9b72cf3b7f7dc5ea028bc7515c27d1ef