XenServer 6.0

Release Date: Sep 26, 2011

About Citrix XenServer

XenServer provides a freely available enterprise-ready, cloud-proven server virtualization platform that contains all the capabilities required to create and manage virtual infrastructure. XenServer™ combines valuable features like XenMotion and the XenCenter management console with a high performance, reliable and scalable hypervisor to deliver immediate benefits to organizations of any size.

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More about the Open Source Licensing for the Workload Balancing Virtual Appliance.

Citrix XenServer Virtualization Platform

Source Disks

Source ISO 1 (Xen/Dom0 Kernel)

Sep 26, 2011
1.85 GB - (.iso) Download

Source ISO 4 (Domain 0 Sources RPMs)

Sep 26, 2011
413 MB - (.iso) Download

Source ISO SDK (Software Development Kit)

Sep 26, 2011
707 MB - (.iso) Download

Source ISO DDK (Driver Development Kit)

Sep 26, 2011
738 MB - (.iso) Download

Sources Demo Linux Virtual Appliance

Sep 26, 2011
396 MB - (.iso) Download

Sources Microsoft System Center Integration Pack

Dec 21, 2011
7.80 MB - (.iso) Download

Sources vSwitch Controller Virtual Appliance

Sep 26, 2011
1.08 GB - (.iso) Download

Sources Web Self Service 1.1.1 Virtual Appliance

Sep 26, 2011
32.3 MB - (.iso) Download

Sources Workload Balancing 6.0 Virtual Appliance

Sep 26, 2011
30.1 MB - (.iso) Download

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