NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows

Release Date: Mar 10, 2014

Citrix NetScaler Gateway Plug-in is client software for Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows-7 (32-bit and 64-bit) & Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit) that enables secure connectivity through NetScaler Gateway appliance. This release provides globalised end-user experience in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish languages. Based on Windows Installer technology (.msi), the client package provides an easy-to-use wizard that guides users through the installation process.

Note: This release of NetScaler Gateway plug-in now supports Windows 8.1 (Blue). Additionally, this release provides support for the new advanced EPA functionality, which provides a comprehensive scan database, along with support for Device Certificate checks.

Important: This client package is for use with NetScaler Gateway 10.1 ONLY. This version of the plug-in does not connect to Access Gateway Standard or Advanced Editions. To install the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in, users must be a local administrator or a member of the Administrators group. This restriction applies for first-time installation only, not for upgrades.

For more information about Citrix NetScaler Gateway Plug-in, please refer to the Citrix NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows User Guide.


NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows-32bit

Mar 10, 2014
3.6MB - (.msi) Download

sha2 checksum = e8764505535a7c9b854bd79d5ef5c47434ecc37f3c01ed1527cde1fcd655be4f

NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows Metadata

Mar 10, 2014
3KB - (.xml) Download

sha2 checksum = 52b9282d3dec905348b3b9eb9bcfae7be002f325ada3bacd07262400dc682801

NetScaler Gateway 10.1-123.1100.e Plug-in for Windows-64bit

Mar 10, 2014
4MB - (.msi) Download

sha2 checksum = 99704adc3fa726a84be66dffd6fd727bece4f673b8b43e51d168705478d860d7

NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows 64bit Metadata

Mar 10, 2014
3KB - (.xml) Download

sha2 checksum = 2d91d4e0f5be1275bf072a8b993fd0571725c8c82b0181ebda88add3d4412346

NetScaler Gateway Plug-in for Windows-32bit/64bit

Mar 10, 2014
4.3MB - (.exe) Download

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