Mobile SDK for Windows

Mobilize your XenApp / XenDesktop-hosted Windows applications

The Mobile SDK for Windows Apps provides a rich toolkit for enterprise Windows / .NET developers to mobilize existing line of business Windows applications or write new touch-friendly, mobilized applications that are hosted on Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop and delivered to any mobile device with Citrix Receiver. These mobilized Windows applications are able to leverage a wide variety of mobile device functionality including GPS, sensors, cameras, local controls and device buttons in the same way that native applications running locally on the mobile device do.

Enterprises, ISVs and Systems Integrators can all benefit from the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps to keep sensitive data secure in the datacenter and not stored out on easily lost, misplaced or stolen mobile devices.

Enterprises and government agencies who have custom-developed Windows applications or enterprise client/server applications with publicly available APIs can use the SDK to make these apps much more user and touch-friendly when published on XenApp or XenDesktop and delivered to smartphones and tablets with Citrix Receiver.

ISVs whose commercial applications are routinely hosted on XenApp or XenDesktop by their customers can use the SDK to create mobile-friendly versions of their applications to achieve a more satisfying end-user experience when used on a touch-based mobile device.

Systems Integrators who have a software development practice can use the SDK to create mobile-friendly, device-independent versions of their clients’ mobile line of business Windows applications that are hosted on XenApp or XenDesktop and delivered to mobile devices with Citrix Receiver. These applications can incorporate access to mobile device functionality such as GPS location services, phone system, SMS, sensors and the device camera.

The SDK has over 100 APIs and out-of-the-box support for a number of programming language bindings. These APIs allow developers to produce mobile-friendly user interfaces for new and existing enterprise applications that match the capabilities of smartphone and tablet devices.

Note: Citrix account credentials are required to access certain SDK content.  If you do not have a Citrix account, please complete the Developer Registration process.

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