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As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and as IT environments grow more complex, it’s becoming harder to keep your sensitive business data from falling into the wrong hands. Having end-to-end analytics that span network traffic, users, files, and devices to identify and stop threats is key to protecting the data that matters most.

Deep insights and autonomous actions with Citrix Analytics for Security

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Insider threats, whether innocent or malicious, pose a significant threat to your sensitive data and intellectual property (IP). Citrix Analytics for Security allows you to sense, analyze, and proactively respond to these security threats before they happen. It uses machine learning to create a risk profile for each user aAs users they access networks, apps, and data, Citrix Analytics uses machine learning to create a risk profile for each user. If a user exhibits anomalous behavior, like unusual usage of an application or excessive file sharing activity as part of potential data exfiltration objective, Citrix Analytics for Security autonomously takes action to dissolve the threat — such as blocking the user’s device or access — before your data is compromised.

Citrix Access Control and Citrix Analytics for Security work together to prevent your IT environment from the impact of malicious code by blocking risky or blacklisted URLs. When someone tries to access one of these URLs, risk indicators bump up the user risk profile to a higher risk category. The system can then take a number of proactive actions, including locking devices, disabling user access, redirecting the user to a secure browser, or alerting administrators. You also can disable URLs launched from SaaS apps. 

Your organization’s most sensitive information lives in documents. Oftentimes, employees share these documents through personal file-sharing services, which lack the security controls IT requires to protect against data leakage. 

Citrix Content Collaboration integrated with Citrix Analytics for Security enables true business-class data security with total IT control. When Citrix Content Collaboration is connected to a data loss prevention (DLP) engine, files can be tagged as sensitive. When someone accesses the sensitive files for an unusual amount of time, Citrix Analytics for Security is alerted to that behavior anomaly and combines it with other data collected across your Citrix environment — such as who’s accessing what and the device they’re using— to determine individual risk scores. You then will be able to take appropriate action on these users if they are deemed to be compromising corporate assets or doing other harm.

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Citrix Analytics for Security

  • Leverage easy-to-use dashboards to monitor behavior across the Citrix portfolio
  • Identify and act on malicious user behavior and app anomalies
  • Detect and halt ransomware attacks
  • Prevent access to blacklisted or risky websites