High-definition user experience on any device

Provide a virtual computing experience that looks and feels like a local PC

Providing a centralized computing experience that looks and feels the same as that of a local PC can prove challenging. Citrix HDX Technology (HDX) delivers a high-definition user experience on any device, over any network, that is equal to or superior than a traditional workspace. Included in both XenApp and XenDesktop, HDX represents over 25 years of innovation from Citrix on perfecting remote access to apps and desktops. The result is optimized performance and a delightful experience for employees—enabling them to focus on the task at hand and maximize productivity—while also ensuring proper IT control and compliance.

With this technology, instructors are able to provide the same experience for students who are thousands of miles from campus.

Didier Contis
Director of Technology Services
College of Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

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Graphics and multimedia

Citrix HDX technology in XenApp and XenDesktop provide the best balance between smooth audio and video display and server scalability across a variety of use cases. The result is optimized VDI performance that provides users with a native-like experience when accessing virtual apps and desktops.

HDX with Framehawk technology intelligently distinguishes between different types of human interaction and visual content to dramatically improve the user experience on networks suffering from the effects of packet loss, congestion, latency, and jitter.

HDX Thinwire technology enables a great user experience for a wide range of devices, while maximizing server scalability.

Citrix has collaborated with leading unified communications (UC) vendors to optimize the delivery of popular softphones and desktop video conferencing applications, such as Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Cisco Jabber, by shifting the media processing workload to the user device. HDX also provides an extensive set of generic technologies to optimize hosted unified communications delivery for virtually any UC app on the market.

HDX includes an optimized codec designed for voice content between the client and the virtual desktop session. Client-side webcam compression for video communication reduces bandwidth requirements, providing a native experience for users to collaborate securely, even on mobile networks or remote locations.

By leveraging both software and hardware-based rendering and compression capabilities, HDX 3D Pro technologies optimize the performance of graphics-intensive 3D professional applications for Windows and Linux virtual desktops. Citrix is the leader in virtualizing graphical applications, including the first solution to support hardware-based GPU sharing.

Slow-rendering graphics due to network lag are a thing of the past. Visually lossless deep compression enables users to collaborate in real time on pixel-perfect images—and to bring products to market quicker with secure, global access to optimized sophisticated 2D and 3D graphics and design apps and data.

3D professional graphics apps that can benefit from HDX 3D Pro for improved remote desktop performance include:

  • Computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) applications
  • Geographical information system (GIS) software
  • Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), such as medical imaging
  • Product life cycle and product data management apps (PLM/PDM)
  • Latest OpenGL, DirectX, NVIDIA CUDA, and OpenCL versions
  • Both Windows and Linux-based 3D applications are supported

Devices and peripherals

Citrix HDX technology in XenApp and XenDesktop enables a wide array of connectivity and integration possibilities, ensuring employees stay productive from whatever endpoint they are utilizing. Extensive support for printers, scanners, security devices, and other peripherals helps complete the solution and deliver seamless VDI performance.

Citrix Receiver software provides access to resources from XenApp and XenDesktop environments. It is supported on numerous platforms and form factors across millions of devices available today. Frequent updates and close vendor collaboration help to ensure rapid and seamless integration for the devices of tomorrow.

Enhance your solution to meet business objectives with support for drawing tablets, smart card readers, local storage devices, and other peripherals. HDX USB redirection enables endless possibilities for user productivity.

The ability to print documents is a key business requirement for most environments. HDX Printing provides access to both locally defined and session-defined printers within XenApp and XenDesktop sessions. The Citrix Universal Print Driver enables print device functionality while providing optimum print quality, print speed, and environment stability.

Workspace delivery

Citrix offers solutions for remote app and desktop access, with optimal performance across multiple platforms and connection scenarios. Citrix HDX technology in XenApp and XenDesktop delivers the most feature-rich experiences with security, flexibility, and control.

Whether your users are attending a meeting down the hall at the office or working from home, give them the flexibility to remotely connect to their PCs from anywhere, using any device. Remote PC access enables rich, HDX experiences when connecting to enterprise PCs through your existing XenDesktop infrastructure.

The NetScaler SD-WAN (formerly CloudBridge) solution increases effective network capacity and reduces costs. It can improve the performance and reliability of business-critical applications such as delivered apps and desktops, VoIP, video conferencing, ERP, and CRM.  


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Allow users to securely access enterprise PCs with remote PC access.


Optimizing the virtualization experience

Ensure the best possible user experience at all times.


Four Citrix customers enable anywhere, any device CAD productivity 

Leading design and manufacturing organizations centralize 3D apps and data for high-performanace remote collaboration.