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Main Account

@citrix - Sharing the latest Citrix news and insights on cloud, mobile, virtualization, collaboration and networking.

Citrix Blog Feed

@citrixblogs - Automated RSS feed that posts blog posts from Citrix blogs.

Public Relations and Analyst Relations

@citrixpr - Public Relations team following and tweeting with press around the world

@citrixar - Analyst Relations following industry analysts and covering analyst events

@citrixpr_canada - PR info specifically for Citrix Canada

Citrix Across the Globe

@CitrixGermany - The official Twitter account of Citrix Germany

@CitrixAustria - Tweets from Austria

@CitrixSchweiz - The latest from Switzerland

@CitrixTurkey - Tweets from Citrix Turkey

@CitrixUK - The official Citrix feed in the UK and Ireland with updates on events, webinars and news

@Citrix_MEA - The official Citrix Twitter account in Middle East and Africa 

@CitrixFrance - All information in French from France

@Citrix_CZ - The latest from Citrix Czech

@Citrix_JP - Tweets from Citrix Japan, entirely in Japanese

@CitrixNordic - Tweets from the Nordic countries

@CitrixRussia - The official Twitter account of Citrix Russia and CIS


@citrixsupport - Updates from Citrix Technical Support, led by Mike Stringer, Senior Director in Technical Support.

Citrix Products, Solutions, and Partners

@XenMobile – The official XenMobile Twitter account

@citrixpartners - Info geared towards Citrix Partners

@CitrixCSP - Shares technical & business resources for service providers to build high-value pay-as-you-go DaaS, IaaS & cloud hosting business

@xenserverarmy - Info specific to XenServer and Essentials for XenServer

@citrixeducation - Info and opportunities around Citrix training and education

@CitrixPublicSec - IT in the Public Sector; focusing on security, compliance and agency support

@xendesktop - The official XenDesktop Twitter account

@citrixedocs - All about Citrix eDocs, product documentation on the web

@citrixready - Devoted to the Citrix Ready product verification program

@GoToMeeting - Find helpful info and support on our easy and cost effective online meeting solution

@GoToAssist - Ask questions and learn more about our new remote support technology

@GoToMyPC - The GoToMyPC team is here to help out with support and tips

@GoToWebinar - Get help with or ask questions about hosting online events and meetings from the GoToWebinar folks.

@Xenclient - Info about the XenClient product line

@AppDNA - Info about Citrix AppDNA application migration software

@CloudStack – Keep up to date on the latest from CloudStack, an open source cloud computing platform and community sponsored by Citrix.

@CitrixMobility – The official Citrix Twitter account focusing on enterprise mobility.

@CitrixBYOD – The official Citrix Twitter account focusing on personal devices in the workplace.

@NetScaler - Information about Citrix NetScaler, current networking trends, news and points of view.

@ByteMobile - Info about the telecom market and related Citrix portfolio of solutions

@XDTipster - Tips about XenDesktop

@XMTipster - Tips about XenMobile

Thought Leaders

@djfeller – Dan Feller (Lead Architect, Citrix Consulting) explores desktop virtualization / architecture of the next-gen desktop.

@ChrisFleck - Chris is on the forefront of the latest Citrix mobile technologies and tweets incessantly about them.

@JGMc – John McIntyre heads up the Citrix Startup Accelerator, a multi-million dollar fund focused on finding startups that align with the Citrix vision of a world where anyone can work and play from anywhere on any device.

@fountnhead - Ken Oestreich is a desktop cloud industry expert.

@mrhinkle – As senior director managing the cloud computing community for Citrix and self-described tech junkie, Mark Hinkle is a prime resource for all things open source, cloud computing, DevOps and systems management.