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Security Considerations for Clouds and Cloud Services

By: Kurt Roemer and Christian Reilly, February 2016

In this post, a follow up to our previous blog, we explore some key questions. What’s the reality of the cloud today? What’s changed to enable strong cloud-based security use cases? And what’s required and recommended for critical business functions and sensitive data to be protected in a trusted cloud?



Top Articles from Citrix Trends and Innovation 2015

By: Chris Witeck, January 12, 2016

The Citrix Trends and Innovation site is where the Citrix posts original thought leadership articles. As we look back at 2015, we are highlighting the top 5 Citrix Trends and Innovation articles based on the amount of views each article had throughout 2015.



How's Your Vertical Game

By: Bill DeForeest and Chris Witeck January, 2016

Improving your vertical game is key to growing your addressable market. This article evaluates the four-part formula of understanding your customer’s problems, adapting your products to fit in their world, envisioning where their market segment is going, and showing them what the future could be.



Predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016

By: Chris Witeck, December, 2015

It is that time of year for technology predictions impacting the upcoming year. In this article we are sharing Citrix’s Top 7 Predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016, with insights from Chris Fleck, Chris Matthieu and Chris Witeck.



Software Your Way: Traditional, Hybrid, or Hosted

By: Ken Oestreich, December 8, 2015

Try to buy and implement typical enterprise software today and chances are you’ll be using a purchase and deployment model that’s over 20 years old. A model where you pay a lot for a license, buy hardware on which to run the software, hire staff to install and maintain it, and all of the risk for a successful implementation is up to you! In this article Ken Oestreich discusses how we’re changing that single-option approach at Citrix.

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