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The IT advantages of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) are undeniable. You can simplify management and increase security, even when users access data from personal devices. But what happens to the employee experience as workers move from one device to another? With so much at stake, it’s not enough to simply offer VDI. You need a virtualization solution that empowers employees to get work done better. After all, organizations that get the employee experience right are 4x more profitable than competitors and appear 2x more often on Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. As an innovator in virtualization for more than 30 years, Citrix empowers enterprises everywhere to deliver a virtual desktop experience that looks, feels and acts just like a traditional PC.

Be productive anywhere

Whether they’re in the field or working on-the-go, today’s employees need reliable access to company assets. Yet despite the many advancements in work-from-anywhere technology, keeping workers continually connected to apps and data remains remarkably challenging for many organizations. Slow networks are the #1 roadblock to productivity for 60% of employees1, and many waste countless hours hunting down information or waiting for apps to load. With a consistent experience across multiple devices, employees can be productive at all times. Citrix VDI solutions give employees reliable access to all the apps and information they need—on any device and network. Windows and Linux virtual desktops can be fully customized to meet the needs of your most demanding users, and will provide high-definition experiences even when employees are working thousands of miles from the data center or using unreliable connections.

Meet the needs of every user

Rare is the modern company that’s staffed solely by on-site employees. Today’s organizations consist of a wide array of users: remote employees, part-time team members, vendors, partners, freelancers and more. Contingent labor accounts for as much as 50% of workers in some industries, and an estimated 4.1 million contractors are hired by the US government alone4. Organizations need new ways to provide secure remote access, no matter where people work or what devices they use. That’s why Citrix offers industry-leading virtual desktops, to help you meet the diverse needs of different users. You can quickly spin up desktops to support contractors and temporary workers globally, then spin down when projects are complete. And when you’re ready to take the next step in your digital transformation, you’ll have everything you need to make a smooth transition to the cloud.

Lower IT costs

Even when IT spending is on the rise, challenges remain. According to Gartner, enterprises continually face the need to reduce costs and invest for growth4. This dilemma puts organizations in a constant state of strain. With Citrix, you can give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while keeping costs down. Employees get instant access to everything they need, while IT manages a single master instance of desktops that can be easily deployed to hundreds or thousands of employees—often from an inexpensive thin client or repurposed PC that minimizes the need for expensive hardware. Personalized desktops look and feel the same as locally installed ones, but can be centrally controlled by IT in the way that works best for your organization, whether that involves public cloud, hybrid cloud or an on-premises data center.

Secure sensitive data

These days, sensitive business data is everywhere: in people’s homes, on personal devices, in public clouds, at partner organizations, on the factory floor...and the list goes on. Most employees rely on two or more different devices every day, and more than 50% use three or more5. All that mobility is pushing traditional security strategies to the breaking point. Six in 10 of surveyed organizations have experienced at least one attack on endpoints resulting in compromised data assets and infrastructure6. With Citrix VDI, you can put those concerns to rest. Our robust management and monitoring tools have been fine-tuned for decades, equipping you to protect mission-critical data against ever-changing threats. Keep data secure by providing the right level of access based on each employee's location, device and other factors. And because none of your data is stored on endpoints, there’s nothing to exfiltrate if a device is stolen.

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