Protection without compromising experience

Keep apps, data and identities protected everywhere work happens.

Strong network security guards your business, but it can also constrain your employees. Your goal is to keep everything safe and running smoothly, and with Citrix you can do both simultaneously. Dive in to see how intelligent security not only responds to threats, but proactively protects your business from them—while keeping your employees focused on the bigger things.

Security should do more than just react. With Citrix, you can:

01 Safeguard what matters

02 Trust no one (that’s a good thing!)

03 Spot risk from a mile away

04 Keep up with new data privacy policies

05 Explore Workspace solutions

01 Protect

Safeguard what matters

Good ideas are like gold to your business, and yesterday’s protocols are not enough to keep them safe. Citrix helps protect your apps, data and intellectual property by auditing and tracking content to identify risks—no matter where work is happening.

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02 Contextualize

Trust no one (that’s a good thing!)

As employees increasingly rely on personal devices for remote access, the likelihood of security breaches has never been higher. Zero-trust security is a contextual IT model that takes a “trust no one” approach, granting access to only what is needed on a use-by-use basis.

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03 Preempt

Spot risk from a mile away

Threats evolve. Your security should do the same. A machine learning–based system can assess and detect threats in real time, and enable end-to-end visibility to keep both your employees and your IP safe. Clearer sight lines = effective response.

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04 Comply

Keep up with new data privacy policies

Data protection regulations are constantly changing. To ensure compliance without sacrificing user experience or continuity, Citrix supports you with security that’s always up to date, so your business doesn’t have to slow down to keep up.

Explore Digital Workspace solutions

Explore Workspace solutions

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