Auto-Renewal Program

Last revised: August 26, 2020

The Citrix Auto-Renewal program provides a convenient way to protect your Citrix investment. With Auto-Renewal, you no longer need to worry about when your subscription expires. We are making this process simple, transparent, and continual for you.

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Auto Renewal is the default renewal program for all Cloud subscriptions, subscription licenses, software maintenance and managed services. Customers will enroll in the Auto-Renewal program with their next purchase of these offerings.

Upon enrollment, all subsequent renewals of the purchased offering and customer’s other purchased offerings of the same nature will be subject to the Auto-Renewal Terms & Conditions (this includes auto-renewals for customer’s other Cloud subscriptions if an auto-renewing Cloud subscription is purchased; and auto-renewals for customer’s other subscription licenses, software maintenance and managed services if an auto-renewing offering of any of these is purchased). Upon Auto-Renewal, these services will renew for another term (aligned with the customer’s previous term for each), unless the customer provides notice of non-renewal prior to the service expiration date for each or Citrix gives advanced notice of non-renewal.

A customer may check their Auto-Renewal status online via My Account The following are the eligibility status options:

  • Active: Customer is enrolled and their eligible services will Auto-Renew
  • Not Active: An exception has been approved to exclude the customer from the Auto-Renewal program
  • Not Enrolled: Customer has not yet enrolled in the Auto-Renewal program, and will enroll as part of their next transaction
  • Not Eligible: Customer is excluded based on Auto-Renewal program eligibility criteria
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Auto-Renewal Manual-Renewal

Citrix reserves the right to make additional options available to you in your location via email notice to you. Citrix also reserves the right to update the posted options above. When we do, we will also revise the "Last revised" date at the top.

A customer’s service(s) will be auto-renewed on the customer’s service end date to ensure continuity of service and avoid service disruptions.

Customers have the option to cancel their upcoming renewal by giving Citrix notice before their service expiration date. Requests to cancel an upcoming renewal should be directed to Citrix Customer Service and must be initiated by the customer directly. When cancelling, customers will be asked to provide the Quote ID as well as the reason for cancellation. Cancellations are applicable to individual Auto-Renewal events, meaning future renewal events will continue to be subject to the Auto-Renewal Program Terms & Conditions.

Contact your Citrix Renewal Representative or Citrix Partner if you need assistance or have questions about your current subscription.

Contact Citrix customer service.